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Let's go to bed

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Q: What does Vamos a la cama mean in spanish?
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You want to party in Spanish?

quiero ir a una fiesta

What does mentiras en la cama mean in spanish?

bed(room) lies

How do you say making the bed in spanish?

There are a few phrases that mean "to make the bed": "arreglar la cama", "tender la cama"; possibly "alzar la cama". "Cambiar las sábanas" has another meaning. "halzar la cama", "cambiar las savanas" (this one actually means to change the sheets).

What does to make the bed mean in spanish?

Todos los días tiendo mi cama."Hago mi cama todos los días."

What is word bed in Spanish?

"Bed" in Spanish is "la cama".

What actors and actresses appeared in Los Lunnis nos vamos a la cama - 2003?

The cast of Los Lunnis nos vamos a la cama - 2003 includes: Ignacio Azkargorta as Lutecio Ingrid Domingo as Lula Rosa Pou as Lupita Rafael Turia as Lurdo Jordi Vila as Lucanero

We go to church in spanish?

vamos a la iglesia

Is 'Vamos a la playa' an Italian phrase?

No, "Vamos a la playa" is not an Italian phrase, it is Spanish. It translates to "Let's go to the beach" in English.

What is jumping on the bed in Spanish?

saltando en la cama

How do you say I went to bed in Spanish?

Me fui a la cama.

How do you say in spanish under her bed?

you say: "bajo su cama" or "bajo la cama de ella"

What does Vamos a la tienda para comprar frutas mean in English?

It is Spanish for "Lets go to the store to buy fruits"