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Wilsonart laminate is a type of flooring that is durable and cost effective. The business sector is specifically designed for use in businesses, and is ultra-durable.

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A voluntary sector is a sector that has volunteered to provide a business, e.g a Charitable Foundation.

Business sector is a group which has collection of different kind of identical businesses and nature of businesses is what we do or provide the customers.

Sainsbury's is a public sector business

sports direct is in the business sector: tertiary. this is because they provide a good service they sell sports wear recent fashion items, etc i hope this helps you hahaha :p

Primary sector secondary sector tertiary sector

The catering sector, in simple terms, is the 'catering' side of the food business which is hired to provide food in locations such as schools, prisons, festivals etc, unlike the commercial sector which provides food for its own company.

it belongs to the privat business sector.

The public sector is a government (city, state, national); the private sector is a business. Public sector jobs are publicly-funded (by taxes, for instance) whereas private sector jobs depend on the revenue of the business

The aim of a public sector business, is to make profits just like the private sector. Public sector is run by the government on behalf of the public and mostly offer government services.

its private business it is all three of the sectors in side company

it is a service sector that provides support to other sectors

the purpose of a private sector business is that the govements does not run it

Business sector is a place where transactions take place and is entirely associated with the economy. It is a complete channel which is linked with the prospect of any country. If the business sector is strong, it means that the country economy is strong and vice-verse.

In public sector business the cash is managed by the government where as in private sector its up to the promoters,owners or the board of directors.

Retail food sector, and lately finance sector also

The private sector is that part of business and commerce that is not run by the Government

Both FedEx and Kinkos are in the office supply and print area of the business sector. They do specialize in print but offer a wide variety of business solutions.

The public sector provides services that would ordinarily be too expensive for an individual investor to provide. The private sector is however open for any producer or investor to provide competitive services to make a profit.

Privatization is the transfer of ownership from the public sector (government) to the private sector (business).

it is enlargement of a business being diversify in other sector of the business

Read the blog second online income & choose the business sector has the most opportunity for profit for entrepreneurs

Iam a Somaliland University Student, so i would like to ask a question of. the oppotunity of the Somaliland business sector

sole trader, partnership,private sector, and public sector

percentage employees in primary sector < percentage employess in secondary sector

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