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a person :) go IHS!

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What was the family life like for a yeoman?


What does a yeoman wear?

In the US Navy, someone with a rating of yeoman has insignia that looks like two quill pens crossed.

Is daryl yeoman gay?

Daryl Yeoman is gay

Why did yeoman farmers not oppose slavery?

Because they were yeoman.

What character head was shaped like a nut the Canterbury tale?

the yeoman

When was George Yeoman born?

George Yeoman was born in 1869.

How tall is Owain Yeoman?

Owain Yeoman is 6' 4".

Whenwas your AYA Yeoman No 372171 built?

Look on the barrel flats and you should see a stamp like this(B1or F6) that us your date code, then look here for the date..

What was Jefferson's ideal American citizen?

yeoman farmer yeoman farmer

Who was captain kirks luitenant?

I do not believe he had a lieutenant but his yeoman was yeoman rand.

What did A yeoman farmers own?

A yeoman was a free man who owned his own farm.

How tall is Helen Yeoman?

Helen Yeoman is 5' 3 1/2".

When was Robert Yeoman born?

Robert Yeoman was born on 1951-03-10.

When was Bill Yeoman born?

Bill Yeoman was born on 1927-12-26.

When was Ashley Yeoman born?

Ashley Yeoman was born on 1992-02-25.

When was Ray Yeoman born?

Ray Yeoman was born on 1934-05-13.

What is a sentence using the word yeoman?

The yeoman lived comfortably in his newly thatched farmhouse.

When did Richard S. Yeoman die?

Richard S. Yeoman died in 1988.

When was Richard S. Yeoman born?

Richard S. Yeoman was born in 1904.

Where was Robert Yeoman born?

Robert Yeoman was born in Erie, Pennsylvania, United States.

What has the author Elizabeth Yeoman written?

Elizabeth Yeoman has written: 'Tales told in school'

What do you call the commander of the yeoman of the guard?

I believe the answer to the question is EXON or EXEMPT. You can look it up by going to the online dictionary

What is the relationship among the Knight the Squire and the Yeoman?

the squire is the knight's son the yeoman is the highest form of servant to the the knight. the yeoman also watched the squire when the squire was little

Who was the yeoman?

The Yeoman was a master woodsman, he accompanied the knight when he was needed. In the Canterbury Tales Chaucer almost regards the Yeoman as only a servant, but in fact the Yeoman owned his own land and sometimes also served as a retainer, guard, attendant, or subordinate official.

What is the birth name of Helen Yeoman?

Helen Yeoman's birth name is Helen Marie Yeoman.