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I talk/am talking with the clerk.

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Q: What does Yo hablo con la dependienta mean in spanish?
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What does hablo con amigos mean?

"Hablo con amigos" means "I talk with friends" in English.

How do you say i do not talk to fake people in spanish?

*Yo no hablo con gente falsa. *Yo no hablo con falsos. *Yo no hablo con gente hipócrita. *Yo no hablo con hipócritas. Hope it helps U!!

How do you say may i speak with Geronimo in spanish?

hablo con Geronimo

How do you say i talk to rice in Spanish?

Hablo con el arroz

How do you spell 'I am fluent in Spanish'?

"Hablo español con soltura." You could say "Estoy fluente en español", but it is not as correct.

What does 'me dan maripositas cuando hablo con el' mean in English?

I get butterflies (in my stomach) when I talk about him.

How do you say no speak Spanish?

no se habla (The previous answer means "One does not speak". That is not a prohibition, it is a negative statement.) "No Talking" in Spanish: Favor de guardar silencio. "No Talking in Spanish" in Spanish: Por motivos de racismo, sólo permitimos que se hable inglés aquí.

How do you say talking about in spanish?

hablar acerca de... / referente a... / (con) respecto a ... (alguna cosa)hablo / hablas / habla / hablamos / habláis / hablan acerca de... / referente a... / (con) respecto a ...

What does with mean in Spanish?

With in spanish is "con".

What does con tigo mean?

"Con tigo" is a Spanish phrase that means "with you."

What does con mean in spanish?


What does the spanish word 'con' mean in English?

The Spanish word "con" translates to "with" in English.