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A 0 balance charge off means that the debt company has given up trying to collect the debt. It may sound good, but the effect on the credit rating is very bad.


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wells Fargo charged off my 56,000 dollar home. Reported as 0 payment. 0 balance, and 0 old. What does that mean to me. I have not paid anything since 2007.

The Iron has a 3+ charge, but the Cl each have a -1 charge so they balance out to an even charge of +/- 0

Simplest way to deal with it is to call a local wrecker company to come get it.

Yes and it will report that way until the SOL has run its course for the reporting time which is 7 years.

0% credit cards allow you to charge to your card for up to 18 months with no interest. However, after the 18 months, the interest on the remaining balance is huge. You should only get this card if you can pay off the balance in full before the 0% rate expires.

its charge is 0. Protons have a positive charge, while electrons have a negative charge (neutrons have no charge at all). So ten protons will balance out ten electrons, making the net charge 0.

The Ionic charge of H2O is 0 because H has a +1 charge and there are two H so it equals +2 and O has a -2 charge. So they balance out to a charge of zero

well, it depends on what the other stand says if it's 1 and 0, then 0 would be off most of the time o or 0 will mean off

The total charge of Carbon Dioxide is 0 since the oxidation numbers of Carbon and Oxygen are +4 and -2 respectively. You need 2 Oxygens to balance it out. The resulting equation makes it so that the charge of Carbon Dioxide is 0.

Believe it or not, it can hurt your credit score. You should charge something on it at least once a month and pay it off immediately to avoid interest charges.

We need to balance the number in an ionic compound b/c Ionic Compounds must be Neutral which means that is No Charge=0

This offer is a trap. Once you have you begin paying off your balance, the one with the lowest APR balance will be paid off first, defeating the purpose of this low APR balance.

Since it is an ionic compound, the charges on the Cr and the O have to balance out to 0 (zero). The charge on a oxygen atom is always 2-. Multiply that by three and you get 6-. Since the charge has to balance out, the Chromium must have a total charge of 6+. Divide by 2 to get 3. Each Chromium atom has a charge of 3+. Hope this helps!

It is a neutral atom - beryllium. The protons and electrons balance each other exactly so there is no overall charge.

Fluorine (F) has a oxidation number of -1 in F4 there are four -1 with a total of -4. Now to have a a balance of 0 positive or negative charges -4+?=0. Sulfur has to have +4 charge to balance the compund to zero.

It means that you do not have a credit yet.Aplly for a credit card at locally store and charge something then pay it off right awat then you will have a credit rating.

Assuming the atoms starts off as a neutral atom, the new charge will be:0 - (-1) = +1

'Credit Card 0 Balance Transfer' would appear on your credit card statement if your credit card is paid off in full. This means that you do not have to transfer any money from your bank account to pay off your credit card balance.

An atom of sodium has 11 protons, 11 electrons and (23-11=12)neutrons. A neutron has a charge of 0. Therefore the number of nuetrons do not affect the charge of the atom. A Proton carries the charge of +1. So 11 protons mean that the atom has a charge of +11. An electron has a charge of -1, meaning that the atom would have a negative charge of -11. When you add everything up, 0 + 11 + -11 = 0 + 11 -11 = 0 + 0 = 0 Therefore a sodium atom is neutral.

Are you in Mrs.barbaras class? In an atom the charge has to be 0, as protons and electrons balance each other out, or the atom can't exist. In ions, the charge is either positive or negative depending on the group the ion is in. E.G. Sodium (Na) has a charge of 1+ Chlorine (Cl) has a charge of 1-

There is no fee for Capital One 0 balance transfers. This is one of the reasons that is has the name Capital One 0. The 0 stands for 0% fee balance transfer.

Hydrogen = 0 chargeFluorine = 0 charge

0 means "OFF" whilst 1 means "ON"

The charge of an atom is the difference between the number of protons and the number of electrons. Normally they balance, so the charge is 0. If there are extra electrons, the atom is an ion, and is considered negative. Conversely, an excess of electrons means positive.

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