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About 14 different countries use 'Peso' as their unit of currency and the value would depend on the age and condition, so this question is impossible to answer accurately. The 'Mil' in the value just means 1000.

If the note is from Mexico and from about 1985, then a mint condition note would be worth $2 to a banknote collector. A modern, 2002 or later, Mexican 1000 Peso note in any condition is worth $78 in any bank.

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Q: What does a 1000 mil pesos look like?
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How much is 1000 mil pesos in us currency?

It is about 72 or 73 dollars in U.S. currency.

How much is a Mexican 1000 un mil pesos worth?

Not sure but I think around $74.00

Value of 12000 Dos Mil Pesos?

Your question is strange. Is similar to say: "Value of 12000 Two thousand pesos?" 12000 pesos = Doce mil pesos. 2000 pesos = Dos mil pesos. For today 12000 pesos is around 996 Canadian dollars and 775 American dollars.

What is a 1984 1000 un mil pesos bill worth?

it is worth about $0.00 dollars

How much is a 1000 Banco Central Del Uruguay Mil Pesos Serie A worth?

$1,000 (Uruguayan Pesos) as of December 29th, 2009 is about 50 US Dollars.

What does a Brazilian 1000 mil cruzeros look like?

The Print money have the writen famous Rui BArbosa

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How much is 1000 mil pesos from banco central de Chile in us currency?

1,000 Chile Pesos is currently equal to 2.02716 United States Dollars

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What is the value of 1000 mil pesos?

I assume this is a Mexican coin minted before 1993. If that's the case, it's denominated in what are called "old pesos" which were converted to new pesos at the rate of 1000 old = 1 new. The current exchange rate is about 10 U.S. cents to the peso, so your coin is worth about a dime.

How much is a 1000 Banco Central Del Uruguay Mil Pesos Serie D?

How much is a N$1000 banco central del uruguay serie d is worth

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