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What does a CDI box do?

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A CDI, or Capacitor Discharged Ignition is a system that is linked to the ignition of some petrol engine driven vehicles. Its purpose is to store an electrical charge that is discharged through the ignition coil and thus increases the power to the spark plug/s for a very powerful, high-energy spark. This prevents fouling of the spark plug/s. A CDI can be disconnected in some vehicles and the engine would still run, but with a less powerful spark to the spark plug/s.

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Where is the CDI box located on Yamaha big bear 350?

Where is the cdi box on a 89 Big bear

Replacing cdi box with updated cdi box?

buy a manual and fix it. its easy, not rocket science

How do you know if a cdi box is bad?

first check your spark plug then test your ignition coil if these are good then it is probably the cdi but there is no way to test a cdi box.

How do you test a cdi box on a motorcycle?

Check ur spark plug and if none of them are firing the its ur cdi box

Is a Suzuki 97 GSX600F CDI box the same as a 96 GSX600F CDI box?

Yes, they are exactly the same.

Can you bypass the cdi box on your ATV?


Can a cdi leave you with no spark?

the cdi box is what give you the power to create that spark. yes it will

How too run a schwinn sport scooter without a cdi box?

what wire do i cut on a cdi box on a schwinn scooter 49.5cc

How do you test the cdi unit on a suzuki vs 1400?

the only way to test a cdi is to repalce it. There is no other diagnostic for a cdi box

How is the wiring from CDI box to coil to motor?

There are five wires coming from the CDI stator. Black is power out to CDI box. Pink is the timing pulse to CDI box. Red is for lights (high power, need regulator/rectifier). Brown is for lights but less wattage than red. Green is ground.

Does a CDI Box replace points?


Where is the CDI box on a kawasaki prairie 360?

cat costa un cdi de kavasaki 360

Where is the rev-limiter on your scooter?

CDI box

Do you need a cdi box for a dirt bike?


Why does cdi box go bad?

Age. Damaged. dirty

Where can you find a cdi box for a zongshen 250 gs?


Is there a way to check a cdi box i have a 1995 polaris sl750 jet ski no spark?

It would probably be your coils there in your cdi box they look like two black little cylinders

How do you check cdi box for 50cc scooter?

take the cdi box off and try cranking the scooter youll notice that it still sounds like the coil is bad then wait till night time plug the cdi back up then watch the coil if it throws a spark its not your cdi it might be your spark plug but if you see no spark then its most likley your cdi box or coil thats teh best way to know if your scooter is cdi enabled or needs a coil theres a big defrence when it comes to price of these devices though.

Can a motorcycle run without a CDI box?

No you can't - not if was designed to have one.

How do you get fire to coil on 90cc polaris four wheeler?

get a cdi box

Can you swap a 1997 kawasaki 900 stx cdi box for a 2001?


Is any other cdi box compatiable with 2003 suzuki gz 250 cc?

i wired up a gn250 cdi on a gz,worked good

Can you rebuild a CDI box?

Sorry you can't rebuild a CDI box, as a matter of fact you really can't even diagnose it as bad (usually, a few rare bikes have the ability to be tested), you just have to rule out everything else first. Considering Just how much a CDI box costs you DEFINITELY want to confirm that everything else is ok first. The only other way to check the CDI is if you have a friend with THE EXACT SAME BIKE! Try and talk them in to swaping with you, just to see if it'll run. However if there is something on your bike causing the CDI to go bad, be prepared to buy both of you a new CDI. Good Luck.

What Honda has a cdi box number 965 cf 439 on it?

84 200x

Where is CDI box Yamaha v star 650 classic?

behind the battery