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What does a Caspian tiger eat?

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What did Caspian Tiger eat?

The Caspian Tiger will usually eat whatever it can get. The larger ingulates formed the bulk of the diet. They could have also fed on livestock or attack wounded tigers, especially when prey was depleted.

Is the Caspian tiger extinct?

yes the Caspian tiger is extint from the 1980's

What measures are being taken to stop the extinction of the Caspian tiger?

The Caspian tiger has been extinct for several decades now. However, recent evidence suggests the Caspian tiger was an isolated population of the Siberian tiger, very close genetically.

What animals have similar adaptations as a Siberian tiger?

the caspian tiger

How the Caspian tigers became extinct?

Hunting and loss of habitat doomed the Caspian tiger. Recent evidence shows the Siberian tiger to be nearly 100% genetically identical with the Caspian.

What do Caspian tiger do at night?


How did the Caspian lion become extinct?

I can find a reference to a Caspian tiger but none to a Caspian lion.

Why did the bail tiger Caspian tiger and javan tiger get extinct?

By hunting and habitat loss.

Why did the Caspian tiger become extinct?

The Caspian tiger became extinct because of over hunting. There was also a large loss of habitat for the creatures.

Were Caspian tigers preserved?

There is a preserved Caspian Tiger at the Medical College in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Where do Caspian tigers live?

· Caspian Tiger also known as Persian Tiger, Turanian Tiger, Mazandaran Tiger, Myrcanian Tiger - Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Mongolia, Kasakhstan, Kyrgystan, Tajikistand, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

Was the Caspian Tiger on the Endangered list?


What type of animal is Caspian tiger?


What are treats for a Caspian white tiger?


What is the Siberian tigers closest relative?

the Caspian tiger was,now the Bengal tiger.

Where did Caspian tiger live?

Caspian tigers lived in places where there were much trees like forests

What subspecies of tigers are not living today?

extinct subspecies are: Bali tiger, Javan tiger and Caspian tiger.

Why Caspian tigers are extinct?

The Caspian tiger was basically hunted to extinction. However, recent genetic evidence has shown that the Siberian tiger and the Caspian were nearly identical, with the two separating just a few thousand years ago.

When did the Caspian Tiger disapper?

late 1950's.

What is the lucn red list of the Caspian tiger?


What caused the Caspian Tiger to become extinct?

The last Caspian tiger was seen in 1958 in Afghanistan. The cause of this breed's extinction is thought to be loss of habitat due to human encroachment.

Which animal is similar to the Siberian tiger?

The extinct Caspian tiger was almost geneticly identical to the Siberian.

How many kinds of tiger are there?

there are eight different kinds.they are... bengal tiger sumatran tiger siberian tiger indo-chinese tiger south china tiger bali tiger caspian tiger javan tiger

How did the Caspian tiger become extinct?

humans just killed it

Why was the Caspian or turanian tiger Extinct?

Because they were huntd to extinction