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The Chinese Water Dragon also eats a large and varied amount of foods. Chicken, prawns, beef, moths, insects, egg the list is endless. They will eat what they fancy.

Of course you need to make sure that you vary the diet otherwise vitamin deficiency will occur.

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Can a Chinese Water Dragon eat cat face spiders?


Can you keep Hedgehog with Chinese water dragon in same cage?

No. the dragon would eat the hedgehog.

How long can a Chinese water dragon go without eating?

I have a chinese water dragon, and i feed it everyday. Youre supposed to feed them as much and often as they eat as far as i know

What does Chinese dragon did?

the chinnese dragon eat you

How do you sex a Chinese Water Dragon?

Please don't have sex with a Chinese water dragon!!

What type of animal is a Chinese water dragon?

A Chinese water dragon is not a dragon, but is a lizard. Native to East and Southeast Asia, they are also known as the Asian Water Dragon, the Thai Water Dragon and the Green Water Dragon.

What is bigger a Chinese water dragon or a bearded dragon?

I think the Chinese water dragon gets bigger, I have one that is over 30" long.

How long does a Chinese water dragon get?

Females Chinese water dragon get to 3 feet and males get to 4 feet

How much does a Chinese water dragon weigh?

The chinese water dragon weigh is more than 1 pound.. i know that!

How long does a water dragon live for?

do u mean the Chinese water dragon??

Can a Chinese Water Dragon live with a Eastern Water Dragon?

Absolutely not ! Part of the Chinese Water Dragon's diet is other reptiles - If you house them together, you'll likely end up with one very fat Chinese Water dragon !

How much is a water dragon?

well at pet smart for a chinese water dragon it is 29.99

Do Chinese water dragons eat darkling beetles?

They can, but there is less nutritional value. In order for your water dragon to get what it needs, meal worms are usually the best.

What does a Chinese Dragon eat?

Dragons in Chinese culture are portrayed as gods, deitys, etc. and would probably not "eat" anything.

Why won't my water dragon eat?

because its a water dragon its drinks water so there you have it

What should you do with a hibernating Chinese Water Dragon?

Kill it?

What is better as a pet green basilisk or Chinese water Dragon?

water dragon are more frindy and easy to tame

How can you tell a Chinese water dragon is happy?

squeese it by its balls

Do you need a license to keep a Chinese water dragon?

no i have one

What animal is 1952 in Chinese zodiac?

In Chinese Zodiac, 1952 is the year of Yang Water Dragon.

What Does A Chinese Water Dragons eat?

It would eat fish, sharks, swimmers, and any other kind of meat it could find. actually that would be a mythical water dragon(sea serpent)i believe they are talking about a real water dragon, a lizard of a type, and they eat small insects, worms, mosquito larvae, and even small bits of fruit sometimes.

How do you get Chinese dragon in Dragon City?

puckyou+tae=chinese dragon

What do they eat at the dragon boat festival?

they eat rice dumplings which in Chinese is called 粽子(zongzi).

How do you know your Chinese water dragon is happy?

Well when my water dragon is happy it looks like it is smiling HA HA!:p

Why is the Chinese dragon important to Chinese culture?

The Chinese Dragon, called Nian (means "year" in Chinese) came to China every year to eat the crops and children. The Chinese people figured out that the color red and loud noises scared Nian, and so, every year the Chinese dress and decorate in red and set off firecrackers, now known as Chinese New Year.