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What does a Code 52 mean on a 1987 Dodge Lancer?

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Code 52 on a Dodge Lancer 2.2L turbo means the oxygen sensor signal input indicates a rich air/fuel mixture ratio condition during engine operation.

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What does a code 35 mean on a 1986 Dodge LAncer?

cooling fan relay circuit

What is that code P0715 mean on Mitsubishi lancer?

Trouble code P0715 means:Input/turbine speed sensor circuit malfunction

How repair check engine light code po222on dodge 5.9?

what does the code PO222 on a dodge 5.9 mean

What does it mean a code in your computer car of your dodge caravan 2007?

code 144

What is Check engine code 32 Dodge Ram 5.9?

What does code 32 mean on Dodge Ram 1500 ,5.9 engine

Can you give the golden lancer gold?

if you mean by code no i cant but you can get it from the gears of war 2 unlimted edtion

What does diagnostic code P0453 mean on a 2002 Mitsubishi lancer?

Based on numerous internet searches the code means you check engine light is on.

What does code 14 mean on a 1994 dodge Dakota?

According to Haynes Repair Manual for 1987 to 1996 Dakotas, fault code 14 means: MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor electrical circuit.

What does Code 41 mean on a 1991 Dodge Dakota?

Code 41 is for the alternator not charging properly.

What does error code P2345 mean on a 2002 Dodge Neon SXT?

Code P2345 does not show up in any of my information. The highest number code Dodge has is P1899. I would check that again.

What does code P0562 mean on your 2006 Dodge truck?

Trouble code P0562 means:System voltage low

What is code p0304 mean for a Dodge Dakota?

Trouble code P0304 means:Cylinder 4 misfire detected

What is obd code 37 mean on a Dodge Durango?

It's transmission related.

What does code P0344 on Dodge Stratus mean?

Camshaft position sensor is bad

What does code P0765 mean for 2001 Dodge Stratus?

Trouble code P0765 means:Shift solenoid D malfunction

What does code P0301 mean on a 2001 dodge ram?

Trouble code P0301 means:Cylinder 1 misfire detected

What does Diagnostic code P0700 mean for dodge Intrepid?

Trouble code P0700 means:Transmission control system malfunction

What does the code p0700 mean for a 2005 dodge neon?

Trouble code P0700 means:Transmission control system malfunction

What does code P0630 mean on dodge neon?

Trouble code P0630 means:Vin not programmed or mismatch-ECM/PCM

What does code P0236 mean in a Dodge?

Trouble code P0236 means:Turbocharger boost sensor A circuit range/performance

What is the code p0700 mean on a 2003 dodge durango?

Trouble code P0700 means:Transmission control system malfunction

What does 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan Code 11 Mean?

Code 11 is " No crank reference signal at PCM"

What does U1418 code for 2007 dodge caliber mean?

It is a code for a faulty right rear wheel speed sensor.

Obd 2 code is09141 what dose this code mean?

I need help with the code is09141, what's means in a 98 dodge neon?

What does lancero mean in spanish?


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