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What does a Maltese cross tattoo means?


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many people on fire departments have a tatoo based on the Maltese cross and/or star of life


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The Maltese cross is not satanic.

it means you've killed a person before.

A Maltese is a purebred. A Maltipoo is a cross between a Maltese and poodle.. Hope that helps...=)

i don't now what cross means but in a lot of things they say that red is a evil color

'Iva' means yes in Maltese

The tear drop tattoo is used by some prisoners who have committed murder. The cross tattoo under the right eye is similar, but is specific to white supremacists / neo-Nazis You murdered someone its a British skinhead tattoo but im not sure what it means. No that's a tear drop All Above Answers Are Tear Drops But A Cross Means "New Life"

Absolutely any tattoo artist can do a tattoo of a cross. To get an idea of what one might like their cross tattoo to look like they can look up samples from many sites online or look at the tattoo artists work.

== == A Christian cross represents Jesus and how he died on the cross for us. But not all people get a cross tattoo for that specific reason. A cross is a symbol of Christianity basically. If they have a cross tat they're probably a pretty cool person to represent what they believe in. But that's just my personal opinion. Not everybody thinks that, just so you know. A tattoo means whatever you want it to. It can mean a death of a loved one has occurred, the person is religious, or just because that person likes the style. The meaning can also vary greatly depending on the type of cross. There are Celtic, Assyrian, Egyptian, Roman, Maltese crosses, and more. See the related link below for a page explaining several different cross designs and their meanings.

a firefighters cross is nothing more than a Maltese Cross.

If it is a cross it means you're a devout Christian.

It means the wearer has a very hard time getting jobs.

Crucified by society (smaller version of the skinhead on the cross tattoo), Jailhouse tattoo, Homemade tattoo - are normally the meaning it.

No - it's 917 grade Maltese silver.

Maltese Cross .....look for a Cross figure made of 4 jagged edge triangles

A common tattoo among Hispanic gang is the pachuco cross tattooed on the hand between the thumb and index finger, which is a sign of gang membership. In some countries, a cross tattooed on the hand simply means the obvious; Christian.

He didn't choose it. The Maltese Cross (also called the Iron Cross) was the official symbol of the German military since around 1871, although versions of the cross date back far earlier.

A cross tattoo on the wrist means that you are a Christian A cross ANYWHERE on a person, does Not always mean they are Christian! Some use/wear it as just another piece of jewlery.

St. Florian's symbol is a Maltese cross.

That can depend on personal beliefs, but there are some that I know of. The cross used on firefighters symbols or the Maltese Cross are used as a symbol of protection.This is a Maltese cross. There are some symbols that I am unsure of the name but i know that they stand for protection, easiest way to find a symbol for protection is to type that in to a search engine and look at the images. As far as the symbol it would depend heavily on your personal beliefs and taste.

A buffalo tattoo or a strong arm tattoo

Cross tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo types, and designs can be found from many different sources. Specialist tattoo magazines contain many design ideas, along with dedicated tattoo design websites such as tattoojohnny or tattoofinder. Cross tattoo designs may also be seen in tattoo parlours.

Christian Cross: 1 - Vertical symmetry Maltese Cross: 4 - Vertical, Horizontal and two diagonals

A tattoo of a cross with the kids name on it, or the tattoo of toy the kid likes to play with.

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