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after the name of the prophet mohamed is mentioned the saying sullalahhi alahe WA salam which translates to peace be upon him.

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The bible does not mention the name of the parents of the prophet Nathan.

Moustafa is a Arabic/ Muslim name, it means 'chosen'. It was one of the names of the Prophet of Islam. Christians never name themselves by this name because it was one of the names of prophet Mohammed ,The prophet of Islam.

Zainab is a Muslim name for females. It's the name of one of the daughters of the prophet Muhammad PBUH.

The last and final God Prophet is Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)The last and the final Prophet is called Prophet Mohammad (SAW)

Fatima was the name of the daughter of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). She was Muslim, and died as Muslim.

No other names. Some call a Muslim as Muhammadan (after prophet Muhammad as Christians named after the Christ) which is wrong because also prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is Muslim.

Mohamed is the name of the Founder of Islam.

There is no mention of Jonah having a wife in the Scriptures.

Yes. It is Muslim name. It means pure. It is one of the 100 names of our beloved Prophet (SAW). Tahir-Pakeeza.

Yes, his name is mehmet which in Arabic is Muhammad, the name of the prophet of Islam.

Yes. It is a variation of the name of the grand son of prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Yes, but not exclusively. The prophet name is called in Arabic as Yousuf or Yucuf

Its a short for Muhammad, the name of the Muslim prophet. Its can be pronounced as Mohammad or Muhammad.

The name Marwan is a Male Muslim name, many of the Prophet's (peace be upon him) Sahaba (The Prophet followers and friends) carry that name.

If Zak refers to Prophet Isac (father of prophet Jacob) or short name for the prophet Zachariah, then it is an Islamic name. Both prophets Isac and Zachariah are among the prophets that Muslims believe in.

Just the name if you mean anyone can have that. If you mean who is a muslim is the one who believe in one god and muhammad as the last prophet

Yes, he was Muslim. He died before birth of prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Accordingly, Prophet Muhammad's father died before the prophesy of prophet Muhammad and before God revelation of Quran to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). However, his father was believing in God (Allah). His father name is Abdullah which is an Arabic name that means 'slave of Allah (God)'.

If religiously then 'pemimpin' will be suitable like for Prophet Muhammad s.a.w

Sort of. Yunis is the Arabic form of Jonah. Muslims believe Yunis was a prophet. More accurately, Yunis is an Arabic name, as there are Arabs who are not Muslim.

Correct spellings are: Qasim. Meaning- distributor It is the name of the holy Prophet (SAW).

The correct spelling of this name is Muttaher. It means Purifier. This name is among the names of the Prophet Muhammad SAWW.

It is a common male name, much like "John" or "Michael" in the USA. It was also the name of the main prophet of Islam. The Muslim word for "God" is "Allah".

Yes. It is the name the Muslim girls may have. Hazrat Ayesha Sayyeda Siddiqa RAU was the beloved wife of our beloved Prophet (SAW).

yes it is a Muslim name. many hindus have also this name but hindus take every name which belongs to urdu language......

I do believe that you are asking "What is the name of the Muslim god?" Well, if you are then the god's name is Allah. While his prophet is known as Muhammad.