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Mohamed is the name of the Founder of Islam.

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He could not have been as before Prophet Muhammad, there was no Muslim religion as It was Prophet Muhammad who found the Muslim religion.

The greatest prophet in the Muslim religion is Mohammed.

Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) did only build on what other prophets like Jesus, Abraham, Moses and others have set.

a Muslim is someone who follows the religion Islam.

Because Prophet Muhammad was from there.

A MUSLIM IS A RELIGION THAT BELIEVES OF Allah and the last holy prophet and they also believe all the other prophets.

Collectively, scholars refer to these three religions as the Abrahamic faiths, since it is believed that Abraham and his family played vital roles in the formation of these religions. Islam began with the Prophet Muhammad.

In the mosque it is the iman, but in the whole religion it is the Prophet Muhammmad (pbuh) because he founded the religion.

It is not true that Prophet Mohammed founded any religion. He restored the religion of Prophet Abraham(Prophet Ibrahim). The Arabs at that time had forgotten the belief of Prophet Abraham and believed many gods. After Prophet Mohammed preached their ancient faith the Arabs accepted the faith of their forefathers and rose up with vigour. Prophet Mohammed was the last prophet.

were is the Muslim religion found the most? is it Saudi Arabia nope,is it Pakistan nope is Indonesia the Muslim population in Indonesia is 207,000,105 so there's your answer

Muslim is the one who is following Islam religion. Islam is the religion per God revelation of Quran to prophet Muhammad through the angel Gabriel.

a prophet called Mohammed was born and there are loads of stories about his childhood i am a Muslim from the shiah sources i speak Arabic

Muhammad did, the prophet of the Muslim people. ________________________________________________ God founded the religion of Islam. Refer to question below.

The Dome of the Rock is associated with the Muslim religion. It is said to be the place where the prophet Muhammad ascended to Heaven.

the true Muslim does not get affected by any religion because a true Muslim knows that Islam is the only right religion that ask ppl to worship only one god and follow one book and one prophet and believing in all prophets

The origin of Muslim religion is God revelation of Quran to prophet Muhammad (peace upon him) through the angel Gabriel (Jibril) that started in year 610 AD while the prophet was in Mecca (Makkah) that is in the current country of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

No color is specified per Islam religion. However, prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was using a plain green flag.

Muslim women are women who believe in Islam religion, such as Christian women are those who believe in Christianity religion.?Muslim women are women who submit their will to God, and follow the religion of Islam, follow the teachings of the Holy book Quran and the teachings of Prophet Mohammad (SAW)

Islam is a monotheistic religion that believe in Allah as the one true god and Muhammad as his prophet.

She is Muslim as her surname is only found among Egyptian Muslim families. She may not be a practicing Muslim, but her background is Muslim.

No Muslim figure is holy per Islam teachings. However, prophet Muhammad is the prophet of Islam religion per God Quran revelation to him through the angel Gabriel (Jibril)

When Prophet Adam came to earth as the first human, he was given the religion of Islam, according to the Qur'an. He was also called a Muslim.

Muslims do not believe that there was a "founding father" to their religion, because to them, no one created or invented their religion. Rather, they believe that Islam is a religion sent by god, its teachings revealed to Prophet Muhammad. Therefore, Muslims believe Prophet Muhammad is the leader of Islam and brought to us the religion of Islam. Non Muslims view Prophet Muhammad as the "founding father" of Islam since they do not believe in the teachings of Islam that say the religion came from God. Its just the use of words. In the end, Muhammad introduced the world to the Muslim religion, Islam.

Islam and is the second largest religion of the worldIslamMuhammad is the main proptet in the religion Islam. He is not the religion, but the center of the religion.

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