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Provide a back up plan if the regular host/location becomes unavailable. Assist the regular host in planning/preparation.
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What is the alterneator?

The alternator is the device in a vehicle's engine compartment that generates electricity. It is commonly found bolted to the engine block and driven by the belt assembly.

What does an alternator do?

An alternator is an electromechanical device that converts mechanical energy to alternating currant electrical energy.

What is an alternator for?

The alternator generates power to run the car and charge thebattery. An alternator in a vehicle generates Alternate Current (AC) insteadof Direct Current (DC) electricity to power the vehicle.

What is a host?

Host can be used in a variety of contexts 1. Network Host From a networking point of view,'host' refers to any computer thatis interlinked with another machine through an Internet connection.Each host has its unique IP address. 2. Web Host In the language of web hosting,'host' refers to a web ( Full Answer )

What is a host cell?

Virus live inside "host cells"of living creatures. There is an attraction of certain types of virus to certain cells. This is why cold virus "likes" lung tissue and sinus. Or herpes likes human lips and sexual skin tissue. It is attracted based on the nature of the virus and the types of proteins an ( Full Answer )

What is mean by host?

The meaning of a host in computers is the main computer thatcontrols other computers or devices. The others can connect to thehost remotely.

What are Hosts on a network?

Any computer which is connected to network and has unique ip address for the network.

What are the Duties of a host?

They orchestrate the preparation of everything (if they don't do it themselves, they make sure other people are doing it) such as food, drinks, cleaning, music, table-setting, planning where people will sit or whether they will just mill around all evening. Then once people show up, they greet every ( Full Answer )

How do you host?

You have to say every thing with expression and be as funny as can be. Try to get the audiences attention. Remember to be funny!

What are synonyms of host?

It depends on how you are using the term. Synomyms could include words like myriad, entertainer, multitude, or interviewer.

What is alternator?

It is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy on a car. It works by:the alternator creates an electric field by spinning a magnetic rotor with direct current inside stator windings. an ac voltage is developed and rectified dc. this voltage is compared to the battery voltage and ( Full Answer )

What are hosts?

Hosts are the people who run a television show or the M.C. of a program. Hosts can also be the cell that is attacked by a virus or protist.

What are alternatives?

You have alternatives when there is more than one possibility and you can choose between at least two things.

What is alternator do?

This is an easy answer. The alternator is hooked (through wires blue and black) to the battery. So every time you start an engine the alternator kicks on and charges the battery. That's practically how it works. To add a bit to the above- an alternator produces an alternating electrical curre ( Full Answer )

What is a alternator?

The devices that develop electric power are a generator (for direct current), or an alternator (alternating current). In a car, an alternator is used, with a rectifier, because of size and weight considerations.

Who is The Host by?

The Host is another book (but not in the twilight series) by Stephenie meyer. It's her first book that is for adults but even if you aren't a grown up you can still read it. it's awesome!!!!!!!!!! Stephenie Meyer also wrote these books: Twilight, (which is now on dvd) New Moon, Eclipse,and Breaking ( Full Answer )

How can host?

Hey, Nice question. The term "host" means any computer that hasfull two-way access to other computers on the Internet. A host canalso be a company that provides services, which is known ashosting. When you start a new business, first of all you have tohost your website so that your business can grow ( Full Answer )

Where can you get the host?

Check out http://ipage.mestore.us only $3.50 per month unlimited space and bandwidth cpanel with free software - 1 click installs 24/7 reliable support (they will try to sell you options you don't need, just uncheck them) as a web designer I highly recommend it

What is 'The Host' about?

The Host, is about a girl named Melanie Stryder that lives in a world, her world, that is taken over my worm-like silver organisms, called 'souls'. The souls have been going to different planets to take over 'hosts', hosts are the inhabitants of the planets. Just recently, the 'souls' have taken ove ( Full Answer )

Who are the jeopardy hosts?

Alex Trebek is the current host of Jeopardy in the USA and has been since September 10 1984. Art Fleming hosted the original Jeopardy show from March 30 1964 until Jan 3 1975 as well as other short lived versions of Jeopardy. Derek Hobson (83-84)and Chris Donat (90-93) have been hosts in the United ( Full Answer )

What is hosting management?

If you are referring to managed hosting it is when your hosting company takes care of a lot of the back end of hosting like installing things, dealing with server crashes, etc.

What is host advantage?

Host advantage is usually that the hosting player got less latency/delay, therefore in for example Warcraft 3 he won't have any delay while moving his hero/units around. It can also be an advantage to be a host in Gears of War, where the dead bodies don't get transferred to others than the host i ( Full Answer )

Why does alternating current alternate its direction?

The generators at the power station are built to delivervoltage/current with alternating characteristics, and this is preserved all the wayfrom the generating station to your house. It's completely intentional,because AC is much easier to handle, distribute, and make the conversionsbetween long-dist ( Full Answer )

What is window hosting?

Windows Hosting refers to hosting sites on a Windows rather than a Linux platform. Examples of sites that can only be hosted on windows include sites or applications created in .NET

How do game hosts host?

They buy very high perfomance server parts, put it all together and colocate it in a datacenter. Then they buy a control panel, like tcadmin, and whmcs. And you are on!

Who hosts Facebook?

they themselves own it. they own there own domain and servers apparently they have 32000 servers at there data center

How do viruses get into hosts?

They attach to individual cells in your body. Many viruses enter through the cells in your mucous tissues. This can be through sexual contact, or the mouth, eyes, nose and digestive system. For more detailed information about how viruses invade our bodies, see the related question below.

What is the difference between alternate and alternative?

'Alternative' suggests a substitute whereas 'alternate' suggests a variation in sequence. If you want to book a particular room in a hotel and you find that the room is already booked, the hotel could offer you alternative accommodation. If a shop is not open every day but say on Monday/Wednes ( Full Answer )

What is a host body?

A Host body is a body used/infected/possessed by another creature, usually one who is incorporeal or very small in size. I found this on Doctor Who Wiki, so it may be a science fiction creature

What is the host of an aphid?

Aphids are parasites.They feed on the leaves of plants.aphids are small insects which are carried by ants.which in return give ants a sweet liquid called honeydew.

What do parasites do to their hosts?

it depends upon what parasite and what host. examples: 1. the phorid fly and leaf cutter ant; the larvae of fly eats the ant from the inside 2. misquito and homans; female misquito injest blood for protein 3. ticks and humans; ticks can give us lyme disease

How do you host your webpage?

You simply purchase a web-hosting service, of which there are countless. Be sure to check reviews for web hosting services before committing - just as with any service, reliability and service can vary considerably from host to host.

What is an alternative answer?

A second answer, perfectly proper, to a question. "is light a wave?". Well, "yes". But also, "yes and no". It implies that the question needs refining.

How do you host a blog?

To create a self hosted wordpress blog you need to register with a web hosting company to get web space to host your blog.You can choose from both free & paid optin depending on your webspace need.Then you have to register a domain name,then install wordpress on your webhosting service accoun and re ( Full Answer )

What is news hosting?

Newshosting is the leading Usenet organization offering free newsgroups with the high speeds and best online security. The binary groups contain lots of the pirate type of stuff that you see on p2p networks. You can get hosting for your website with best price. http://poweruphosting.com

What is a hosting site?

A hosting site, either refers to a hosted site (i.e. any web site) or more likely a hosting company such as Rackspace, GoDaddy or ByteHouse.

What is a parasitic host?

The animal within which a parasite lives, and from which the parasite receives its nutrition.

What is an FTP hosting?

FTP hosting is File Transfer Protocal which means that it gives you a way to move your files such as back ups to another location for storage. Most companies charge a service charge starting around $5 a month.

What is the php hosting?

Php hosting is a popular scripting language in which produces dynamic web pages. An example of a dynamic web page is Facebook. Facebook needs php hosting as it has a login page. Shopping pages are also php hosted.

How do you get a hosting service?

If you have planned a website, it has to be hosted on a hosting server. In order to get the best hosting service, you will have to look for a web host on the basis of certain parameters. They are: 24/7 technical support Real time server monitoring Uptime guarantee Web hosting plans offered ( Full Answer )

What is a sacrificial host. what is a bastion host?

Sacrificial Host is a server which is placed outside an organization's computer network to provide a service which, if it was inside the network, would compromise network security. Whereas, Bastion host is a dedicated server that receives screened network traffic. Usually prepared with extra attenti ( Full Answer )

What are the alternative energy resources an alternative to?

Alternative energy resources such as solar power, wind power, etc, are an alternative to using fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and natural gas. The benefits of using alternative energy are immense, the impact of using coal, oil and natural gas on global warming and the environment are devastating. A ( Full Answer )

How do you hosting?

When you will start to create your website so you need to do host your website as well as SEO because hosting you cannot use it. With the help of hosting you can get AUTOMATED WORDPRESS INSTALLATION and AUTOMATED BACKUPS. Check here http://poweruphosting.com

What are host?

Hey, nice question. You want to know what is the host. The term"host" means any computer that has full two-way access to othercomputers on the Internet. A host can also be a company thatprovides services, which is known as hosting. When you start a newbusiness, first of all you have to host your web ( Full Answer )