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A Black Panther tattoo with a snack means fierce conflict and loyalty. It also symbolizes a person's strength and power.


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Crawling Panther Tattoo - One of the most enduring and powerful tattoo symbols of the 20th century has a history which few tattoo devotees might suspect. The

Generally, snakes represent evil and panthers represent toughness or sometimes aggression.

A panther paw print can mean that a person can have a mean streak. This type of tattoo can also mean that a person as a love for panthers.

There is not a listed meaning for a panther head with arrows tattoo. The panther in tattoos symbolizes being unique and determined.

if u mean black haired it could be nikita Denise

It means you got drunk, when down to your local tat shop and picked it off the wall as the one you wanted

It means you are an assassin.

it means you got a snake and skull tattoo, what did you think it meant?

It is Russian prison tattoo. It means thief in law, highest ranking criminal.

As someone contemplating designs for a two headed snake tattoo, I feel compelled to ask--what do you mean by "mean?"

it means a black american is going to kill you

to me it seems like strength and frearless but that may not be the answer also it can just be for looks.

A owl generally symbolizes knowledge or wisdom. A snake can mean a wide variety of things depending on the way it is posed to the type of snake that is tattooed.

a snake and dagger mean that your a fighter and a good one....agility. no, lol, the snake wrapped around a dagger is a very ancient symbol

Mohawk means black snake

In most instances, tattoos like this usually mean to never give up or surrender.

what does a white snake with black diamonds on the back mean

Panthers are real creatures. If you mean the Black panther group, they did exist.

Well it can mean that your in love with demons

A black circle means What goes around comes around. (KARMA)

Do you mean zuper black intenze tattoo ink? It's darker than the intenze true black and many other black tattoo inks on the market. Really great stuff for tattoing.

If you mean telling the difference between a coral snake and a milk snake... Red touches black (Milk snake) Red touches yellow (Coral snake)

The answer is No. A black headed sea snake is way more poisonous than a black mamba. A black Mamba doesn't even rank in the top ten and a black headed sea snake does. You get bitten by black mambas more often, but that doesn't mean that the sea snake is less poisonous.

Assuming you mean the Garter snake (there is noofficially recognised species called a garden snake) - There are various colour patterns in the garter snake family, and yes, it is possible for an all-black Garter snake to be produced.

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