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Q: What does a broken motor mount look like on a 05 neon?
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The motor jumps at start up?

It jumps? look for a broken motor mount

What does a motor mount look like?

they are made from polyurathane and look like those clamps on like washer and dryer hoses

How do you know when motor mounts need placing?

If they are broken they need replacing. Start the engine, have someone hold the brake and apply just enough acceleration to cause the engine to be under a strain. If the motor mount is broken the engine will move sideways on it's axis. Look closely at the mount and you can see if it is broken.

Where is the starter on a 1996 Chrysler Town and Country?

Radiator side of the engine, look behind the motor mount.Radiator side of the engine, look behind the motor mount.

What does a bad motor mount look like?

Usually It's torn or broken. Some are liquid filled and will leak. To check: Open hood so you can see the motor, start motor, keep your foot firmly on the brake pedal, put car it drive and give it a LITTLE gas and see if motor lifts or moves excessively. do the same in reverse. If it jumps around you know you need mounts, don't forget to check the trany mount also. Most mount problems are caused by oil leaks that rot out the rubber mounts.

What does the blower motor look like?

it looks like what its suppose to look like a plain motor.

Why does Mount Everest always look like it is snowing?

Why does Mount Everest always look like it is snowing

What does a broken paw look like?

a broken paw

What would cause a 1999 Pontiac Sunfire engine to shake violently?

You have a misfire. Check the coil packs. I'm guessing this is when you're looking at the motor with the car idling. It's normal to see SOME shake, but not a whole lot. If it's really shaking like mad, it means that It's running badly and needs a tune up right away, or you could have a broken motor mount and/or broken transmission mount. I'd have a mechanic take a look as soon as I could. FriPilot

What does mount shasta look like?

it looks like a

Where is the rear engine mount located in a 2005 dodge neon?

The rear engine mount is located almost directly in between the upper and lower dog bone motor mounts. Its very difficult to see, and even more difficult to change, if you don't know what you are doing I recommend paying someone to change this. It bolts into the center of the motor, pretty much the only way to see the mount is to look at the inner fender next to the engine and look for the bolts that secure the mount to the frame. It also helps to have knowledge of what the motor mount looks like beforehand.

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