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What does a car parking sensor do?


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A car parking sensor is of great help - especially when driving a large car. During parking it indicates when the own car is getting too close to the other parked vehicles.

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What is Visible parking sensor? It the combine the traditional parking sensor and car camera system together set.The traditional parking sensor is only 4 or 6 or 8 pcs parking sensor, which driver can only heard about the "BI BI BI..." cautions during car parking or car reverse, the visible parking sensor, not not only hear the "BI BI BI..." cautions, but also can be see the back side,and can also see the distance change motion from the car monitor.What is include the one set of Visible parking sensor? First,need 4 pcs parking sensor( or 6,or 8,that is depends), sencond,with a "BI BI BI..."speaker,one control box ( this control box is different from the traditional parking sensor's,it is can be compatitable with the car camera and car monitor), one back up camera,or car monitor. After install the visible parking sensor, the driver can not only hear the sound,but also can view the distance change and what is at back side, it it helps a lot for car parking and car reverse.

Parking sensors are used to alert drivers of unseen obstacles during parking maneuvers. The parking sensors that are currently used by car producers are electromagnetic sensors and ultrasonic sensors.

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If the top won't close with the key turned to "on" or with car running and the parking brake engaged make sure the parking brake light is on. If it isn't your parking brake sensor is bad and you need to go to a shop to have it replaced. In the mean time try releasing and reengaging the parking brake a couple of times to see if you can get the sensor to trigger and the brake light to come on. If that works don't put the top down again until you get the sensor replaced. Or it might just need a new fuse.

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