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What does a car resistor do for the heating system what could cause it to malfunction and does the light system have anything to do with its connection thanks?


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2015-03-06 00:03:40
2015-03-06 00:03:40

The resistor in the heating/air conditioning system controls the blower speed. As the fan speed switch is turned, the resistor adjusts the amount of current to the blower motor, changing the fan speed.


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That refers to heat being generated when a current flows through a resistor.

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no, it wont work because of safety mech. which does not allow gas to be released. this is usually either a bad thermocouple or pressure switch malfunction (or broken hose to switch connection).

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Typically this points to a defective blower motor resistor.

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The HVAC resistor pack is used to provide the various speeds of the blower motor for heating and A/C. According to other sources, the resistor pack mounts to the rear of the blower motor, which is located under the passenger side dash.

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The power dissipated by a resistor is E2/R .If the "25volt" is the potential difference (voltage) between the ends ofthe resistor, then the resistor dissipatesE2/R = (25)2/10 = 62.5 watts .That's quite a fair amount of power ... more than you could expect to dissipatefrom a typical carbon composition resistor. This particular resistor is somethinglike a heating coil in a toaster or a large acquarium, for example.

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