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The resistor in the heating/air conditioning system controls the blower speed. As the fan speed switch is turned, the resistor adjusts the amount of current to the blower motor, changing the fan speed.

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Q: What does a car resistor do for the heating system what could cause it to malfunction and does the light system have anything to do with its connection thanks?
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What is joule heating effect?

That refers to heat being generated when a current flows through a resistor.

Is ther danger with this- heating has broken and it keeps trtying to lo light the flame but it wont work?

no, it wont work because of safety mech. which does not allow gas to be released. this is usually either a bad thermocouple or pressure switch malfunction (or broken hose to switch connection).

What is a HVAC Resistor Pack and where does it go?

The HVAC resistor pack is used to provide the various speeds of the blower motor for heating and A/C. According to other sources, the resistor pack mounts to the rear of the blower motor, which is located under the passenger side dash.

You only have speeds 3 and 4 on your heating system What is wrong?

Typically this points to a defective blower motor resistor.

Power delivered by 10ohms resistor and 25volt?

The power dissipated by a resistor is E2/R .If the "25volt" is the potential difference (voltage) between the ends ofthe resistor, then the resistor dissipatesE2/R = (25)2/10 = 62.5 watts .That's quite a fair amount of power ... more than you could expect to dissipatefrom a typical carbon composition resistor. This particular resistor is somethinglike a heating coil in a toaster or a large acquarium, for example.

How do you replace a heating resistor in a frontera?

drop your glovebox lid down and the resister is there held in with 2 screws very easy to replace

What material would make the best heating element for an electric range?

A resistor, which converts some electric energy to thermal energy!

Can electrical energy be transformed into other forms?

Yes it can. One example is using a resistor ( a heating element ) to turn electricity into heat.

Is Heating potassium chlorate a chemical or physical change?

Heating anything to a visible change is ALWAYS a chemical change

Oxygen can be obtained by heating?

With the exception of nuclear fusion oxygen cannot be obtained by heating anything. Certainly no heating process on earth is capable of producing oxygen.

How is electrical energy transformed into heat energy in an iron?

The iron has a heating element inside, which is a resistor that draws the right amount of power from the supply and converts it into heat. An iron also has a thermostat to maintain a steady temperature.

Why when you cook popcorn are some kernels not popped?

Because their connection with the heating surface was interrupted by the popping.

Where is the rear blower motor resistor on a 2004 gmc envoy XL?

It is on the heating unit on the back facing away from the inside of the car. Not an easy place. Service manual tells you to remove the whole unit to get at it. Which means removing the heating and cooling pipes that enter the back of the car under the heating unit and pulling the heating unit out.

Is a heater module and a blower resistor the same?

No. An AC/heater control module is a computer that controls and automates the operation of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC).The blower resistor enables the blower motor to change the speed of the fan.

A carbonate not decomposed on heating?

Marble would be an example of a carbonate that is relatively resistant to heating, but note that anything will decompose if heated sufficiently.

4 uses of a variable resistor?

dim lights, tune in a radio on an analog radio, control heating elements in an electric stove, volume controls.

Why isn't the boiler heating your water?

Lots of probable causes:no gas flamethe electrical element is not powering upno water in the boilerno electrical connection or gas connection to boiler

Why does the heater blower randomly stop blowing air in your 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8?

sometimes this is caused by the blower resistor heating up and shutting the circuit down, or it could be in the blower itself heating up and shutting down.

What type of electric element do electric heaters use?

The heating element in any electrical heater is just an electrical resistor. These can become crusted with time and should be replaced to ensure the quick heating of enclosed spaces which is what electrical heaters are specialised for.

What would cause my heater and fan to malfunction on a 96 ford Taurus?

"Malfunction" is not very specific as these components can malfunction in a variety of ways.Blower motor not work at allBlows on high speed onlyTemperature cannot be adjusted...just to name a few.See "Related Questions" below for extensive coverage of these and many other common problems with Taurus/Sable heating problems.

How do you replace the blower motor resistor on a 1995 Chevy Silverado?

the relays are behind the glove box. you have to take the glove box out to have access to the relay for the heating system

What makes the fan on a central heating unit stop working?

Connection problems, or natural failure after many years.

Why is it that the higher the resistance the greater the heat is produced?

On the contrary, for a given voltage, lowering the resistance will increment the current and the power dissipated by the resistor. hence heating up the resistor. For a higher resistance value, you will need to increment the current by incrementing the voltage to increment the power dissipated.

What is the term used to identify an av voltage that would cause the same heating in a resitor as a corresponding value of dc voltage'?

the RMS value of ac voltage is equivalent in power to the exact same DC voltage. This will cause the same amount of heating in a resistor.

What is the use of variable resistor?

When one wants to regulate something variable resistors are used. Like: volume in headset, light intensity, temperature in heating devices etc.