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What does a class mean in VB.NET?

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Imagine a class as some group of information for describing an object in real life, forget about programming. A class is something that does not yet exists. Its something only on paper. A design. A set of information for giving later a real instance to its real content. Class-oriented programming gives to the programmer (and the program itself) the extreme ability to be easy serviced and easy upgraded. Its more likely the easiest way to understand better what the code does, even if that code is very big in size.

a class can be analogous with any real life object like "Table". now if we need to define its properties like length, with , height etc, and calculations like volume, surface area etc. like that while programming if something has few particular properties and methods to be performed upon, those can be consolidated in a class. i.e in a class we can consolidate the properties and methods of something, which can be instantiated later on

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An instance in VBNet is the same as an instance in any other language; it is the realisation of a type. In object-oriented languages, like VBNet, we say that an object is an instance of a class, where the class defines the object's type.

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