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Code 43 is a problem in the fuel delivery system.

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Q: What does a code 43 on a 1990 Honda accord mean?
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What do the diagnostic code mean 1990 Honda Accord?

As you do not list the code you are reading, it is impossible to answer your question.

What does obd code p1784 manufactured control transmission mean and how do you fix it?

where is the plug to conect the code reader on a 1990 Honda accord

What do code p1146 mean on a 99 Honda Accord mean?

This is not a legit Honda Code. Have it checked by a Honda dealer to retrieve the correct code.

What does code PO730D mean on Honda Accord?

02 sensor

What does a po 154 code mean on a Honda Accord?

my transmission has a code 154 what is it 94 honda aacord

What does service code 7 mean on a Honda accord?

There are only 6 service codes for the Honda Accord. Never heard of service code 7.

What does service code a123 mean on a Honda Pilot 2010?

What does service code A123 mean on a Honda accord V6 2010 Read

What mean p2159 vtec system malfunction Honda Accord 2003?

what u mean p2159 code torbul vtec system malfunction Honda accord 2003

What does B123 service code for a 2009 honda accord mean?

The B123 service code for a 2009 Honda Accord refers to a problem with the computerized monitoring system. The exact problem can be identified by a Honda service technician.

What does 99 honda accord fault code p1295 mean?

Bad Vtech solenoid

What does code A13 mean 2006 Honda Accord?

Oil change and tranmission fluid

What does trouble code 6 mean on 1991 Honda accord?

coolant temp sensor

What does Honda code P730 mean?

hello :) can you please inform on a error code p730 for a 2000 honda accord v6 vtec engine thank you

What does the 1999 Honda Accord Code P1259 mean?

Trouble code P1259 means: VTEC SYSTEM B1 FAILURE

What does a code 14 mean on a 91 Honda Accord?

Code 14 Idle air control valve or bad ECM

What does odc code P0305 mean on a Honda Accord?

Trouble code P0305 means: Cylinder 5 Misfire Detected

What does this code mean p1301 for a 1999 Honda Accord?

Trouble code P1301 means: Cylinder 1, misfire detected

What does code p1739 mean for a 1998 honda accord?

Trouble code P1739 means: TCM A/T controller circuit

What does lamp flash code 12 mean on a 1991 Honda accord EX?

exhaust recirculation system

What does a code P0441 mean on Honda Accord?

Trouble code P0441 means: Evaporative Emission System Incorrect Purge Flow

What does diagnostic trouble code P2647 mean for a 2004 Honda Accord EX?

code p2647 is oil pressure switch is that correct

How do you enter code on Honda accord 2005?

I assume you mean the radio code. If so, you enter it with the radio preset buttons.Call your Honda dealer because nobody seems to know how.

What does service code b124 mean on a 2006 Honda Accord?

The service code b124 on a 2006 Honda Accord means that you have turned off the vehicle stability assist system. If it comes on with the VSA indicator light it suggests that there is a problem with the system.

What does p1753 code mean for a 1997 Honda accord?

P1753 Automatic Transaxle Problem. See professional help.

What does service code A3 mean on 2006 Honda accord?

"A" is for oil change & "3" is for transmission fluid" change.