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Besides obviously distance at any instant, on a connected, continuous distance-time graph, you can obtain instantaneous velocity and instantaneous acceleration.

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How to calculate distance from a velocity time graph?

Hey there in order to calculate distance time graph you must make sure that you find the area underneath the graph. This will be its distance

What can a travel time graph be used to find?

A travel time graph can be used to find the distance from the epicenter of an earthquake.

Distance time graph?

distance time graph is a graph traveled in a graph which shows how much we have traveled in equal period of time.

What is a distance time graph?

a distance- time graph is a graph that the variations in distance against the variations in time .the gradient of this graph gives up the value of speed.-the definition of speed is speed is the time taken to travel a certain distance.

What are the information that can be obtained from a velocity - time graph?

from a velocity time graph you can find the distance the object travelled per second.

What does the slope of the distance time graph represent?

The slope of a distance-time graph represents speed.

How do you plot a distance time graph when you are given a velocity time graph?

The area under a v/t graph is how far you've gone. Choose a point on the time axis, read off the speed and find the area underneath. If its a straight line graph, all you have to do is find the area of the triangle. This area is the distance travelled in this particular time. Repeat for several more points on the time axis. Plot distance against time.

How do you find the distance from a velocity time graph?

Displacement is the area under the velocity-time graph. Refer to the related links for more information.

A travel-time graph can be used to find?

the distance from a epicenter to an earthquake :)

How is a distance time graph be used?

To find the average speed or rate of something.(:

How can you calculate the speed in a distance time graph?

speed is the gradient under the distance vs time graph which is change in distance /change in time

How can distance be found on a speed time graph?

Distance = Area under the graph.

Is acceleration the slope of a line on a distance time graph?

No. The slope of the distance-time graph is the change in distance per unit of time - otherwise known as speed. Acceleration is the slope of the speed time graph.

What is the difference between a velocity time graph and a position time graph?

Simply put, a velocity time graph is velocity (m/s) in the Y coordinate and time (s) in the X and a position time graph is distance (m) in the Y coordinate and time (s) in the X if you where to find the slope of a tangent on a distance time graph, it would give you the velocity whereas the slope on a velocity time graph would give you the acceleration.

What is plotted on a vertical line distance-time graph?

Typically distance is plotted on the y-axis of a distance-time graph.

What does the slope of a distance time graph tell you?

The slope of a distance versus time graph tells you the rate of change of distance with time. That is, it tells you the velocity.

Does a vertical line on a distance time graph indicate that an object is stationary?

Object will change distance time graph when speed is changing. Distance time graph don't changed indicate of the stationary.

Why is the distance time graph a straight line for?

A straight line on a distance - time graph represents a "constant velocity".

What does a speed time graph indicate about an object's motion?

A distance time graph would show the distance traveled.

Is the distance-time graph for acceleration always a straight line?

-- If the distance-time graph is a straight line, then the magnitude of acceleration is zero. -- If the magnitude of acceleration is not zero, then the distance-time graph is curved.

How is a distance- time graph different than a speed time graph?

The variable plotted along the vertical axis is the distance in the first case, speed in the second. The gradient of (the tangent to) the distance-time graph is the speed while the area under the curve of the speed-time graph is the distance.

What is travel time graph?

A graph with distance traveled on one axis and time on the other. Time will go on the x axis and distance on the y because distance depends on the time.

What two variables is on distance time graph?

Since it is called a distance time graph I don't think it is too wild a guess to suggest that they might be "distance" and "time"!

How can you get speed of an object from its distance-time graph?

The speed is the slope of the curve in such a graph.

Why area below the distance-time graph is used to calculate speed?

That's not correct. If you have a graph of distance as a function of time, the speed is the slope of the graph.

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