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they are very disgusting and can give you a hard time with Allergies

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What does dust mite rash look like?

A dust mite rash looks like an area of small red bumps. These areas can be quite large in size.

What does a dust mite rash look like?

it looks like this

What do dust mite bites look like?

Dust mites don't bite, they feed off dead skin

What is your guess as to what a dust mite does?

Dust mites like beds. They have a clue in there name that they like dust

Is there a such thing as a dust mite?

yes there is such thing as a dust mite

What is a red dust mite?

Its a dust mite thats red

What is the scientific name of dust mite?

American house dust mite: Dermatophagoides farinaeEuropean house dust mite: Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus

When was House dust mite created?

House dust mite was created in 1897.

Icd code for allergic to dust mite?

icd 9 code for allergic to dust mite

Is a dust mite harmful?

The dust mite is not harmful to everybody, but some people develop an allergy to dust mites, which is always described as a "dust" allergy, rather than a dust mite allergy - but it's the mites, not the dust itself, to which some people are allergic.

What is the best way to get rid of dust mite?

what is the best way to kill dust mite and remove them out of the hair

What does a dust mite?

Don't no

How do you write mite as a sentence?

A dust mite eats your dead skin.

How big is a dust mite in micrometers?

A dust mite is typically 420 micrometers long and from 250 to 320 micrometers wide.

What is the length of a dust mite?


Do dust mite bite?

No it doesn't.

What is smaller than dust?


What is the compound word for dust?

dustpan dust-mite dustman dust-bag dustbin

How does a dust mite breathe?

dust mite breathe from their nose like everyone else does.. we dont know how many nose they have but we know they have a nose..........................................i think..............i think you people sholud go figure it out. I know, I have a PhD in Physics.

How long does a dust mite bite last?

Dust mites don't bite

What is larger a dust mite or rhinovirus?

A Dust might is larger than a rhinovirus

What is the icd 9 code for allergy to dust mites?

dust mite allergy

How d odust mights respond?

Itis not spelt Dust Might, it is spelt Dust Mite, the Dust Mite lives off of dead Human skin cells which flake off the body & make up about 97% of household dust

Is a House Dust Mite a mite?

Yes, it is similar to a tick and a relative of the spider, having eight legs

Are spider mites poisonous to humans?

No only a few are hazardous to humans ..the dust mite and scabies mite

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