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A farm pig doesn't have very good eyesight, so therefore it uses hearing as a defense mechanism. If one pig hears something or detects danger, it runs in the direction of the danger and this alerts the other pigs.

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How do you get a pig farm on Grow a Sig?

Get a pig farm on grow a sig is how to get a pig farm

What is a pig farm?

A pig farm is a where pigs are bred and raised.

What is the worlds largest pig farm?

Farmageddon is considered to be the worlds largest pig farm. The pig farm is located along a countryside in China.

How many pigs to star a pig farm?

You only need one male pig and one female pig, wait until theirs baby's grow and in no time you will have a pig farm.GOOD LUCK IN YOUR PIG FARM :)

What eats a farm pig?


Where pigs are kept?

In a pig pen or a pig sty on a farm.

What farm animal is Wilbur from Charlotte web?

a pig

If dog sleeps in kennel Where does pig sleep?

In the pig sty.

What farm animal is the spanish cerdo?

"Cerdo" is a word for "pig."

Where do you get the pig?

You would mainly get a pig on a farm. If you don't find a pig there just search the internet.

What is squealers appearance in Animal Farm?

In Animal Farm, Squealer is a pig.

Where is the pig's farm in Maplestory?

The Pig farm is in a quest in which you get it from Camilla in henesys.

Napolean Animal Farm?

He is a pig.

What habitat does a pig live in?

in my farm

What is on a farm and starts with p?


Did the farmers and pigs have a friendship in animal farm?

if the pig is brown pig then yea

Is Muriel a pig in Animal Farm?

No, Muriel is a goat in the book Animal Farm.

Who was known as Major in the farm?

The pig was known as Old Major in animal farm

What is Snowball from Animal Farm?

Snowball is a pig

What animal is Snowball in Animal Farm?

A pig.

What farm animal is a relative of the boar?

The pig

Where can you buy pig milk?

at a farm if they have pigs

What farm animals start with A?

A pig lol

In Animal Farm who is snowball?

Snowball is a pig.

What are the different kinds of farm animals?