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Fertility doctors find ways for people to have a baby.

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What is a fertility doctor?

A fertility Doctor is somebody who specializes in medical fertility problem, helping infertile people to have babies

Can any doctor tell me if I'm sterile?

you should go to a fertility doctor or an obstetrician to ask for a fertility test.

How do you check human fertility?

You have to go to a doctor to do that.

What are the release dates for Fertility Doctor - 2010?

Fertility Doctor - 2010 was released on: USA: 10 July 2010 (Los Angeles, California)

What doctor does a male go to to check his fertility?

A urologist

Why do your doctor have to prescribe fertility pills to you?

To help you get pregnant

What kind of doctor does a male see for fertility?


How do I know if I'm sterile or infertile?

Go to a fertility doctor

Can mono affect male fertility?

Go ask a doctor

Can you have artificial insemination done?

Yes, but you need to go to a doctor who handles fertility problems. at what age is the limit for fertility treatment

What actors and actresses appeared in Fertility Doctor - 2010?

The cast of Fertility Doctor - 2010 includes: Farah Cabrera as Dr. Kay Bill Harvanek as Scott Danielle Kasen as Samantha

Where can one get fertility treatment?

To receive fertility treatments, one should go to their family doctor who would refer them to a clinic in their area. Some hospitals will offer fertility treatments as well.

Can you use fertility drugs if you are under 18?

No doctor would allow it.

Improving Fertility in men?

Ask your doctor and they will be able to give you a lot of advice

Where do you go to get a sperm count?

Your doctor can do this for you (or refer you to a specialist). Fertility clinics will also do this.

What is the next step to take if you have been trying to conceive but have not had any luck?

Contact your family doctor for a fertility doctor referral.

How to boost your estrogen level?

Take fertility pills - your doctor will give them to you if she/he thinks you need them

Can a sterile man get help from a fertility doctor to be able to conceive?

It will depend on the causes of his sterility.

What are signs of inferterlity?

Take a fertility test to be on the safe side, or see you GP/doctor. :)

What is wrong if you try to have a baby but cannot get pregnant?

Make an appointment with a fertility doctor (RE) and request a fertility workup. These are a battery of tests that will determine if you have reproductive issues. The doctor will then work with you and your spouse/significant other to achieve a pregnancy. Good luck!

How do you know if you can have kids or not?

you have to take a fertility test you can get one at Cvs.riteAid. or safeway they costy tho lik 20-24$ or you can qo to your doctor and ask them to take a fertility test

How do I find the right doctor to become pregnant after menopause?

Pregnancy after menopause is not advised and is very difficult to achieve. You will be looking for a Fertility Dr. look online for Fertility Dr in your area.

How do you find out if you're infertile?

A fertility doctor. Find one in the yellow pages under Physicians

How can you tell if you are infertile?

There's no sure way of telling, unless you see a Doctor or fertility specialist.

Is 47 years old too old to get pregnant?

Yes!Depends on your fertility. You can check it at the doctor.

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