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Foxes kill and eat small rodents such as mice and or rats. They will also eat rabbit if they have to. Foxes will also eat berries making them omnivores. Foxes are mostly scavengers.

Note: Foxes will also eat birds and their eggs.

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No but it can kill a fox

Larger species of fox can and will kill and eat a raccoon.

No, but a bobcat will kill and eat a fox.

Cougars, bobcats and coyotes will kill and eat a fox.

No, a camel is much too large for a fox to kill and eat.

A fox can't kill a moose, however it will eat any meat if it's dead.

No a wolf will not eat a fox? A wolf might kill a fox ONLY IF the fox attacks the wolf or kills a baby. That is because a wolf in a cousin to the fox.

Yes, foxes frequently will kill and eat weasels.

For fur. People don't eat fox.

The fox might eat a cub, only if it absolutely needs it to survive, or if the cub doesn't belong to the fox.

There are very few species of snake in the world that could eat a fox. It would take large boa or python to be bale to kill and eat an adult fox.

Hardly ever do wolves kill foxes - only when they are very hungry do they kill them.

No. A wolf will not eat any foxes. They might kill then ONLY if the fox attacked the wolf. That is because a fox is a cousin to wolves.

Most snakes are too small to kill an animal the size of a fox. Only pythons or boas could possibly eat a fox.

Unless the horse is already dead, the red fox could not kill and eat it.

Foxes like to stalk their prey and then pounce on them to kill. They then take their prey far away to eat.

Cougars, wolves, coyotes and larger bobcats may kill and eat a fox in the deserts of North America.

The fox would be unable to kill a beluga but would scavenge a body of a dead whale.

Very RARELY would a wolf eat a fox. They might kill a fox, if one is to stray too close to a carcass. However, typically, wolves simply chase foxes off, and a lot of times simply ignore the fox.

Wolves do not kill and eat foxes even though they are carnivores. Wolves eat birds, mice, moose, elk and berries.

a pitbull has a locked jaw to kill anything even a fox, but a fox can run fast but if there is a pack of pitbulls then it can kill the fox by locking it's jaw

I do not think it could kill one but if it found a dead one certainly it would eat it.

A fox is a scavenger so it will eat whatever is available but I don't think they kill anything. They will eat anything that's dead or lying around though.

when the goose sticks its neck out the fox grabs it in its jaws and hangs on till-it stops its breath in fact suffocates it then drags it away to eat

The Arctic fox is much too small to kill a caribou. However, they might scavenge the remains left by larger predators.

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