What does a goose liver look like inside of a goose?

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It looks as any liver would. It is reddish brown depending on how healthy the goose was. It would have lines, folds and bloodstreams travelling inside and out.
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What is a goose?

A goose is a large waterfowl; they are similar to ducks and swans. its similar like a duck but diffirent A goose are considerable number of birds, belonging to the family

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It means to pinch someone (by surprise) on their gluteus maximus.

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They are big and kinda white.It is bigger than chicken eggs but smaller than ostrich eggs

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Can you eat Canada goose liver?

Canadian Goose Liver is not very different than for any other species of Goose that we know of, which are non-toxic but very unappetizing, except in the case of Foie Gras. Foi

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I was told by my doctor that it was nummular eczema but the pictures I see of nummular are larger than goosebumps. It could be keratosis pilaris which is a form of eczema. All

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they look like chocolate, dont be fooled they most certainly dont taste the same :( as for the smell they are the worst smelling poo in the world (not even as bad as your dads
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