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What does a goth girl look for in a guy?


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September 14, 2011 12:18AM

well they want a guy that cares alot about being homself and being an origanal person

and some love a morbidly romantic guy,we arnt that differnent we just want somone to understand them and cherish there would also help if you were poetic and emotional but also retaining a protective figure.try looking into some bands like otep or marylin Manson or maybe evanesance see what she reads and read it , it will tell you alot about how she ticks.also never i repeat never do a dramatic changing of clothing style you will look like a poser, and it will piss her off beyond belief.most of us look for anything that is noncomformist and rebelistic.maybe if you really like her a picnic in the graveyard at night is truelly romantic.

Goth girls want someone unique. But don't change your personality. If you are pretending to be unique then she'll know. Just be yourself and see what happens.