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What does a heart tattoo on the wrist mean?

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A tattoo and its placement will have different meanings to each person. A heart tattoo on a wrist usually means a love for another person.

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2020-09-28 22:58:18

It means you hear your heart on your sleeves!

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What does a star tattoo on a girls wrist mean?

no idea what they want tattoo

What does it mean to get a tattoo on your wrist?

It means you have a tattoo on your wrist. Subject, placement and even whether or not to have one is a very personal thing.

When did Marilyn Manson get heart tattoo?

Valentine's Day 2007 he got is on his wrist.

What does a wrist tattoo feel like?

A wrist tattoo feels painful when you are getting the tattoo put on.

Who is the celebrity who has a dove tattoo on her wrist?

Sienna Miller has a dove tattoo on her wrist.

What does the female gender symbol mean on the wrist as a tattoo?

Girl power!

Does it hurt to get a a tattoo on your wrist?

Everyone has a different pain tolerance when it comes to getting a tattoo. That being said your wrist is a very sensitive spot for a tattoo, so yes it will hurt to get a tattoo on your wrist.

What tattoo does Patrick McGuinness have on his left wrist?

It's a heart with 'Mother' and 'Patricia' written around it.

Does Avril lavigne have a tatoo?

Avril Lavigne has two tattoos. Avril Lavigne has a tattoo of a star on the inside of her left wrist and a small pink heart-shaped tattoo featuring the letter 'D' on her right wrist.

What does a tattoo of a heart mean?

A tattoo of a heart could just easily symbolize love of something.

What does a strawberry tattoo on your wrist mean?

That you like strawberries. Or strawberry tattoos, anyway..

What does good name in Hebrew tattoo on wrist mean?

It means "good name".

Star tattoo on wrist meaning?

A star tattoo on a person wrist could mean any number of things. A star can symbolize such things as hope, guidance, honor, divinity and femininity.

What is a tattoo on the wrist in punk rock mean?

The tattoo on Alyssa Milano's left wrist is the Buddhist symbol "Om." This word, used in religious and meditative chanting, refers to the universe's essence.

What does pink's wrist tattoo say?

P!nks tattoo on her right wrist says "What goes around comes around". It is her favourite tattoo.

What is the meaning of a black heart tattoo on the wrist?

If it is a filled in black heart, this usually stands for the loss of a loved one. But if it is an outline of a black heart on the inner wrist, it could be a reference to Ville Vallo of the band HIM, as he has a similar tattoo. Or…it may possibly, and probably does, mean nothing. I would wager to say that at very least 80% of people with tattoos have no meaning behind theirs, other than it being skin decoration.

What does heart with wings tattoo mean?

Letting your heart soar...

What is the meaning of a rose tattoo on the wrist?

There are a number of different meanings that a rose tattoo on the wrist could have. A rose tattoo may symbolize life for example.

What was the tattoo Corey had on his right wrist beside the paw prints?

You mean Corey Taylor?

Does Miley Cyrus have a tattoo on her wrist?

yes, Miley Cyrus has a tattoo of an anchor on her wrist to remind her of a safe place.

What is the tattoo on Zak Bagans wrist?

Zak's tattoo on his right wrist is something to do with vampires. -GAC's #1 fan :)

What does a greenish dot tattoo mean?

It means that someone was too chicken to go through with getting a tattoo, and the green means that it is older than dirt. Is it on the wrist bone or on the hand? It may be a Southie or a Dorchester Dot Tattoo.

What does heart tattoo on woman's wrist means?

It depends on the woman. It could have many different meanings, or none at all.She might have just wanted a cute tattoo. Tattoos don't necessarily have to mean anything, it's all about personal preference.

What is the tattoo on Jennifer Nettle's arm?

Her tattoo on her left outer wrist is the scripted word 'Believe'. On her right inner bicep she has blue angel wings with a red heart.

What tattoo does gaga have on her wrist?

A peace sign on her left wrist :D