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What does a hibiscus flower look like?

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The flowers are large Trumpet-shaped, with five or more petals ranging from white to pink, red, purple or yellow. A pistil covered at the top with stamens sticks out from the middle about 1- 2.5 inches. It is often seen on hawaiian art and hawaiian shirts.

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What does an hibiscus flower look like?

See related links for pictures of the hibiscus flower.

What does ovary hibiscus look alike?

The ovary of a hibiscus flower looks like an upright cucumber. It is usually a larger structure within the flower that forms part of the carpel.

Is a purple hibiscus a flower?

purple hibiscus is a flower

How do you conclude hibiscus flower?

a conclusion of a hibiscus flower

What does Hibiscus flower feel like?


Is hibiscus actinomorphic flower?

Yes, hibiscus flower is actinomorphic

What does hibiscus smell like?

like a good smelling flower

Is the Hibiscus Flower the Hawiian state flower?

Yes, the Yellow Hibiscus

Is hibiscus a sessile or a pedicle flower?

hibiscus is pedicle flower

Is the hibiscus Haiti's national flower?

Yes, you are correct. The national flower of Haiti is indeed the Hibiscus.Hibiscus flowers are trumpet-like and come in a variety of colours, including red, white and yellow.

How many sepals does a hibiscus flower have?

A hibiscus flower usually has five sepals.

What color is the hibiscus flower?

the hibiscus flower is of red color because of its region .

Is hibiscus a primary consumer?

No. A hibiscus is a flower.

Is it safe to mulch flower gardens?

well it depends on the flower like if it is a hibiscus bush it does very well......but if its like a cranberry hibiscus it does o..k but does not thrive so as I said it depends:)

Is the hibiscus flower the native flower of Hawaii?

Yes the Hibiscus is very native to Hawaii

Is the hibiscus is Malaysia's national flower correct?

yes, the hibiscus is Malaysia's national flower.

What is the national flower of haiti?

the haiti flower is the hibiscus flower very beautiful its colors can be pink,and yellow. Also the flower is ion different places. For instance,the flower is in Florida,mostly in Miami ! Those are all the facts about the hibiscus! Or should i say the HAITI flower !!!!!! lolz bye cya laderhibiscus

Is a Texas star flower a hibiscus flower?

There is indeed a variety of hibiscus called "Texas star".

What is the flower called that looks like a trumpet and its red?

its a hibiscus plant

What is fiji's state flower?

The Hibiscus Flower.

Parts of a hibiscus flower?

Just like other flowers, the hibiscus flower has parts that include the sepal, peduncle, and petals. Other parts are the pistil, anther, stigma, and style.

What is the native flower to haiti?

It is the Hibiscus. Hibiscus is a genus of flowering plants of the mallow family, Malvaceae, and is native to warm-tempered regions in the world, like Haiti. Haiti never adopted a native flower though, but it is thought to be the Hibiscus

Which flower is known as the shoe flower?

Hibiscus flower is known as Shoe flower.

Does the hibiscus flower have smell?

no it does not

What is the flower of Haiti?