What does a liner hanger do in drilling process?

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Liner is basically a kind of casing the main difference b/w liner and ordinary casing is that , the ordinary casing extends from surface to particular depth but in case of liner it does not extend from surface to particular depth but it attaches with the last part of the above casing .For example if you have drilled TD of 15000 ft and you have to install a liner at the bottom and suppose the liner length is 200ft.All the other casings will be installed from surface to to its particular desire depth but liner will be installed at the bottom of the other casings .
1.Economics: you save the cost of 14800 ft of steel or aluminum .
2.Reducing the pressure at the surface: If you install a liner having a length of 15000 ft it will produce a lot of pressure on the surface .
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What do you do with old clothes hangers?

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What are the Processes in oil well drilling?

The drilling of crude oil wells both on and off-shore uses thelaying of pipes and drill bits. A modern method of drilling ishydraulic fracturing, or fracking which uses fluids to break upnatural gas formations.

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Well you can get lots of different sorts of liners. eye liner, ocean liner, bin liner, etc. It depends really. i hope that helped. Though i didnt really awnser your question. Sorry.

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"Drills" is the plural of "drill". A drill can be a tool used to make a hole. A drill can be a military procedure.

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How do you pronounce hanger?

HANG-urr. Be VERY careful to avoid confusing hanger with thesoundalike word hangar , which is a building where aircraftor submarines are stored.

What is a metal hanger made from?

Clothes hangers are usually steel, but some are made of aluminum. Construction hangers can be steel, galvanized steel, copper, orother metals.

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What were early oil drilling processes?

Early drilling methods relied on the cable-tool method, which was a rope or chain that suspended drilling tools into the well bore. Various methods were used to actually pound the drill bit into the ground.

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Manufacturing tasks are fascinating! To make wire hangers, they buyhuge spools of wire (bought from a wire manufacturer). This wirefeeds into a machine that cuts the wire at pre-set lengths. Next,the wire goes through an apparatus that bends the wire to specifieddimensions, to make the "shoulders". ( Full Answer )

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There is a difference between huggable hangers and regular hangers. Huggable hangers are made specifically to let the clothes hanging from them keep their regular shape, not just hold them off the floor.

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A clothes hanger is generally smaller than a coat hanger. A clothes hanger can also be made to fit the size of clothing--as an example, baby clothing uses baby-sized hangers. A true coat hanger is often larger and made of thicker, stronger metal to hold the weight of heavier material.

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Who lives in hanger?

If you mean Hangar than it is a structure for housing aeroplanes. Or a shed or shelter. A Hanger is of wood, wire or plastic upon which to hang clothes, or a loop in a garment, or a support such as a hook or even a wood on a steep chalk hillside in southern England

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Some Pro-choice advocates have adopted the coat hanger tattoo torepresent unsafe abortions techniques. This is to demonstrate theimportance of safe, legal abortion methods and how far thepro-choice movement has come.

What are hanger used for?

i dont know really much but a hanger is used for simply hanging your clothes so that it wont get mess up after ironing so u dont have to go agin to iron it. it is also used for showing display of clothes in a store. its mainly used for preventing damage to the clothing. that it.

What does hanger mean?

Hanger refers to a device or person that holds something up. . The most familiar use is a clothes hanger, which is a metalhook that holds clothing in a closet or on a line. . A hanger can also be a hook that mounts on a wall or ceiling tohold something like a picture, mirror, lamp, etc., or a pi ( Full Answer )

What skirts can a skirt hanger hang?

A skirt hanger can hang any type of skirt. Most skirt hangers have movable clamps for the clothes to ensure that the skirt regardless of size can be hung without any wrinkles. Others have one long bar that can also hang any type of skirt.

Who was the pioneer of coat hangers?

It is believed that President Thomas Jefferson was the inventor of the forerunner to wooden clothes hangers. Todays more modern wire hangers are credited to O.A North from New Britain, Conneticut.

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You can purchase wood hangers from a variety of online shops. Or you can purchase them in any kind of clothing store. Walmart is one such example of a store.

What is the function of the clothes hanger?

This is just my opinion, but I hang clothes to keep them from wrinkling. What goes folded into my dresser either doesn't wrinkle or doesn't matter if it does. What hangs in my closet would wrinkle if I folded them. Also, some clothes are just easier to hang like button down shirts and dresses and bl ( Full Answer )

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One can purchase picture hangers at many retail locations, both in person and online. Examples of such locations that offer the product include Walmart and Michael's.

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Padded hangers have many uses. The most common use is to hang clothes on much like a non-padded hanger. They can also be used for arts and crafts projects.

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Ornament hangers can be found in many locations. Ornament hangers can be purchased at discount prices in thrift stores and online at eBay, Amazon, or Bronner's.

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Christmas light hangers are used to secure Christmas lights to the Christmas tree. The hangers keep the lights from falling or sagging around the tree.

What drill do?

A drill cuts accurate sized holes in many materials. A drill can be manual or electric or air powered.

How to you cut a hanger?

Assuming you have a standard wire coat hanger, you can either use ahacksaw or a pair of sturdy side-cutting pliers. Some ordinary pliers have little recesses near the jaw that canalso be used but they tend not to make clean cuts.

What is a sentence for hanger?

She needs a few hangers to hang up her new clothes. He hung his coat on a coat hanger. Be VERY careful to avoid confusing hanger with thesoundalike word hangar , which is a building where aircraftor submarines are stored. For example: The warplanes were keptin a hangar .

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Hangar. Many people confuse the words hanger and hangar because they sound the same, but they have completely differentmeanings: . A hanger is a kind of hook or other support that's usedto hold something; e.g. a clothes hanger, a pipe hanger, etc. . A hangar is a large building where airc ( Full Answer )

When was the first clothes hanger invented?

A coat hook invented by O. A. North of New Britain Connecticut in 1869. Albert Parkhouse of Jackson, Michigan is credited with inventing the clothes hanger in 1903. Some credit goes to Christopher Cann, an engineering student at Boston University, for his invention in 1876