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You have an old car or it's about to be broken.

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Q: What does a loud ticking sound in your diesel engine mean?
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How loud is a diesel engine?

depends on the exaust and size of the engine..

What sound is ten decibels?

Leaves rustling at a distance. A ticking watch is twice as loud!

How loud is 15 decibels?

A sound at 15 decibels is not very load. It is equivalent to the sound that watch makes when ticking.

Why are diesel trains loud?

It's not the train that's loud, it's the engine

Why are diesel trains so loud?

It's not the train that's loud, it's the engine

What could be the reason for a ticking noise from a Citroen C3 HDI diesel engine?

It could be one of the injector fire seals. There is a forum post dedicated to the Citroen C3 injector fire seals here: and a youtube video demonstrating the sound of a leaking fire seal (ticking or chuffing sound) here: or, it could be the crank pulley. There is a video of the sound a worn crank pulley makes and information about the parts required to fix it at

What does it mean if your car made a popping sound then smoke came out and now makes a loud ticking sound?

that probably means its time to get a new car

Why is your peguet 406 making a loud tapping sound from the engine?

The loud tapping sound can be caused by a complete heating of the engine. Worn tappets can also cause the tapping sound.

What is a loud ticking noise coming from the engine in a Pontiac grand am gt 2002?

harmonic balance maybe bad

What is the cause of the loud ticking from right front of 3.5L 2006 Chrysler Pacifica engine?

Could possibly be a bad lifter.

What if your super beetle has loud ticking noise in transmission what is it?

Most likely it is a bad CV joint, they will make a clicking sound when they are worn out.

Why does a vehicle's engine make a loud roaring sound?

because the engine is starting to run.

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