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a normal horse


A male horse typically looks like any other horse, especially if it is a gelding and has not developed stallion like characteristics. Stallions of course have slight outward differences, they tend to be more muscular than mares or geldings, they sometimes develop a more cresty neck and deeper vocalizations.

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What do black stallions look like?

Like a black horse who is male.

How does a male horse attract a female horse?

Actually, the female horse attracts the male when she is in heat. But the male does like to look more impressive, so he might do something to show off.

What does a hinny look like?

A hinny is a hybrid between a male horse and a female donkey. It looks like a horse but is a little smaller.

What does a 5 month old horse look like?

A foal, a midget horse, or if a male, a colt. In this case not a player from Indianapolis.

What does a stallion look like?

a stallion does not look different from other horses. A stallion is just the name for a male horse that can reproduce.

Why do horse snakes look like that?

Horse Snakes look like that because there head is theshape of the horse

Can a female horse get fangs like a male horse?

yes, my mare had that.

What does a horse butt look like?

it looks like a horse but

How do know if a horse is a girl or boy?

Male genalia are easily visible on a horse (hence the expression, "hung like a horse"). If you see no male genetalia, the horse is female.

Can mare horses be fixed like a gelding horse is?

Yes, they can be fixed, though not like a male horse.

How does a Capricorn look like?

look like a horse with thorns.

What animal has a penis like man?

a male horse

What male boidae boa look like?

the male boidae look like your mama, so go to her and you will see who does the boidea look like.

How can you get a Horse?

you can have a look on adds, like horsedeals and get in contact with a person with a horse you are intereste in! you can have a look on adds, like horsedeals and get in contact with a person with a horse you are intereste in!

What is a male zebra called?

A male zebra is called a stallion. Just like a horse

What is the best name for a male horse?

depends on what it looks like what its personality is and what you like like we have a horse who is brown so we named him coco

How do you tell the difference between a male and female horse?

u just kinda look underneath if its there, its male if its not its female :)

What is a Immature male horse called?

A male horse that is not neutered is a stallion, a male horse that is neutered is a gelding. A male horse that is 4 or under is called a colt.

What animal does the sea horse mostly look like?

A horse

Does the sphinx look like the horse?

no a sphinx does not look like a horse it has a head of a man and a lions body!!! its present in Egypt

What does the smallest horse look like?

Mini's are the smallest breed of horse and they are very cute. They almost look like a toy.

How does a wild horse look like?

A wild horse looks like any other horse, they may look different from other horses depending on the breed.

What do you call female and male horse?

A male horse is a stallion, a castrated male horse is a gelding. A female horse is called a mare.

How do you find out if a horse is a female or a male?

1. look 2. ask the owner

Can a Zebra jump like a horse?

yes, since they r related to a horse ( this is why they look sortta like a horse!)