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What does a man mean when he says he doesn't know what is going on with the two of you and is confused when you ask if you're back together?


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November 23, 2005 2:53PM

You and him aren't communicating openly enough. Ask him what he means. I can't be sure just from what you've told me, but it sounds like he's basically asking you whether you and him are back together or not. Right now, you are both confused. Ask him wether he wants you to be together. If he does, and you do also, then just say "OK then, we're officially back together". If one of you doesn't, then discuss the reasons that you don't. Be honest and open with him, and he will do the same for you, wether he realizes it or not. -DJ Craig i have talked to him, but he hates those "types of talks". he does communicate well, but lately he has been under alot of stress. i know he was really hurt by his last girlfriend, and sometimes i wonder if he closed himself off and doesn't know it. he once said he doesn't know why he feels he isn't there for me emotionally like he should be, but only enough to keep the relationship afloat.