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Q: What does a musrached parakeet eat?
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Can a parakeet eat a newly hatched baby parakeet?

yes. sometimes, the male has been known to eat or peck the babies.

What can eat a parakeet?

Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, Rats, and hawks can probably kill & eat your parakeet, or seriously injure it. If any one of these scratch or bite your parakeet, GO TO THE VET IMMEDIATELY!

You eat a parakeet egg?

no no no

Is it possible for one parakeet to eat another one?

according to nature it is not possible but if it hungry and unable to find his food then it may eat another parakeet

Can a parakeet eat carrots?

Yes they can.

Can a parakeet eat rice?


How often do baby parakeets eat?

I have a parakeet and what I do is fill his bowl to the top with food (parakeet pellet seeds) and let him eat whenever he is feeling hungry. you should always give your parakeet a cuttlebone in his or her cage and a treat or piece of fruit once every week for a change in diet. a treat almost any parakeet would eat would be millet spray. they love it!

Can a parakeet eat clay?

Parakeets CAN eat many things but clay they should not eat.

Can sparrows eat parakeet seed?

Yes they can

Can a parakeet eat if it has halfway beak?


Why can't finches eat parakeet food?

You probably mean budgie. They are often refrenced to as the parakeet. The parakeet is actually a group of birds. Parakeet means"bird with a long tail".(Just to let you know.) Anyway, finches eat finch food and BUDGIES eat budgie food. They need different vitamins for their bodies just like every other group of bird needs different food.

Why does your male parakeet bite your female parakeet?

its showing them they love each other watch them they will eat each other though

Why does your parakeet hate you?

If your parakeet hates you, it is instinctively reacting to you, since you are tremendously larger than it, as a possible predator who might eat it.

Can parakeets eat swarberrys?

Can they eat strawberries? Yes, I feed them to my parakeet all the time.

Can parakeets eat cherries?

yes parakeets can, that's one of the few sweet things a parakeet can eat.

Can you eat a parakeet egg?

Yes you can as long as they are prepared correctly. you should reasearch the different diseaeses that a parakeet may have, but you should look up recipes online!

Do parakeet eat crackers?

Yes, they love club crackers.

What fruits can a parakeet eat?

Brocoli peaches wirhout the seed

What cant a parakeet eat?

chocolate and a lot of other stuffz

Does the color of the seed affect how much the bird will eat it?

the color of the seed doesnt affect how much the parakeet will eat

Why wont your parakeet eat your diharia?

It wants to share it with you! Every parakeet knows it is important to share tasty snacks with humans to help strengthen their relationship.

Do parakeets eat other parakeet?

Well parakeets don't eat other parakeets but they do eat the eggs that don't hatch. :/

Can you feed a parakeet cockatiel food?

Yes but only for a shot period of time, cockatiel food doesn't have the right kinds of nutrition a parakeet needs to function, also its much bigger and harder for the parakeet to eat it so it might cause weakness and lack of food to the parakeet, hope this is helpful to you!

What did the Carolina parakeet eat?

This is a simple answer. They are vegetarian. they eat nothing but seeds and nuts YOUR WELCOME.

Is it bad for human to eat parakeet food?

no, keep eating it... its good for you