What does a overhead cam do?

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In a car:

the cams control the opening and closing of the valves.

The fact that it's "overhead" just means that the camshaft is above the cylinders instead of alongside them. In high speed engines this is considered an advantage - because of simpler linkage between the cams and the valves.

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Q: What does a overhead cam do?
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Can a single overhead cam be changed to a double overhead cam?

No, this is not possible.

Does a 1999 Honda civic ex have a single overhead cam or a dual overhead cam?

all the civcs have a single overhead cam motor(sohc) the civic si is the only one with a dual overhead cam motor

Is the Chevy 2.2 a overhead cam motor?

The older ones, non ecotec are not overhead cam. they Use the cam in block with pushrods.

Is the engine in a 2002 ford focus Se a single overhead cam or a double overhead cam?

single ober head cam

What does Ford Focus dohc or sohc mean?

SOHC--Single OverHead Cam DOHC -- Dual OverHead Cam

Can a single overhead cam be changed to a dual overhead cam in a 2002 ford focus?

If you change the whole engine.

Are there 2 thermostats on a 93 Saturn SL1 Dual Overhead Cam?

First of all if it is an sl1 it is not a Dual overhead cam It is a single overhead cam Either engine only has 1 t-stat

Does a neon have a overhead cam?


Can a double overhead cam replace single cam ford engine?


Does a Hyundai Excel 1996 have a single or double overhead cam?

There are engines with both. If the car is a twin cam then it's a double overhead cam. Single cam has less power but is more economical.

Is the 1996 aerostar 3.0 single or dual cam?

It has a single cam. But the question is confusing. Usually it is asked if it is a single or dual overhead cam when it is overhead head cam. Your engine is a pushrod, which was only offered in single cam

Is a split port engine a single overhead cam or a dual overhead cam?

Its a single cam.. it says " 2.0 Split Cam on the cover of the engine... A dual cam would say " 16V Zetec" on the engine cover.

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