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The pig on one foot and the rooster on the other were believed to give a sailor the ability to walk on water if they had to abandon ship. This came from old lore of merchant ships that sank while carrying lives animals. The crates that housed the pigs and the roosters always floated and ended up on land. Thus, by having a pig and rooster tattooed on either foot, sailors too could make it to land if their ship sank.

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Q: What does a rooster and pig tattoo on the feet symbolize?
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Does it matter if the pig and rooster tattoos on the feet are upside down?

Of course it does. But it is not depending on pig or rooster. Any tattoo on the feet has to have the bottom near the toes. So someone in front of you sees it the right way

What does a rooster tattoo mean?

A rooster is a fairly old and maritime themed tattoo. A lot of the time back in the day, sailors would get a pig on one foot and a rooster on the other. The reason for this is that pigs and roosters would be kept in wooden crates while on ship and in the event that the vessel went down, the crates would pop back up to the surface. So, the rationale and hope would be that if the ship went down, and you had the pig and the rooster on your feet, you would pop back up to the surface as well.

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In the olden days when pigs and chickens were transported on ships, they were carried in wooden crates. When the ship sank the crates would float resulting in the pigs and chickens having a higher survival rate then the people on the ship. Sailors tattooed them to their feet for good luck to keep there feet afloat.

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