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What does a sacred heart tattoo symbolize?

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The Sacred Heart is a religious devotion to Jesus' physical heart as the representation of the divine love for humanity. I have a sacred (or "eternal flame") heart tattoo...I got it to symbolize that my feelings for the person I got it for and the memories I have of them are important and never ending (that person is deceased). I'm not sure of the typical definition of the sacred heart tattoo, but I know that whenever I look at mine it symbolizes a person and time in my life that I hold sacred. The Sacred Heart is from Christian Origins.

The Heart represents the heart of christ, and his love for the world

while the crown of thorns represents...well..the crown of thorns... digging into the heart, which is usually bleeding, to represent the pain and suffering Christ felt.

The Cross on top of the heart is the crucifix on which Christ died, and the fire behind the cross usually coming up from the heart, is to represent the fire on the threshing burn everything away and start new

from Matthew

"He will make a thorough clearance of His threshing-floor, gathering His wheat into the storehouse, but burning up the chaff in unquenchable fire"

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What does the sacred heart tattoo symbolize?

The Sacred heart tattoo it the Sacred heart of Jesus, Christianity's sign for eternal faith in the blessed trinity.

What does a tattoo of a heart mean?

A tattoo of a heart could just easily symbolize love of something.

What does a black heart tattoo symbolize?

The Black Heart tattoo commonly illustrates grief or morning, or "dark nights of the soul".

What does a plain heart tattoo symbolize?

Usually it stands for love

What does a lion paw print tattoo symbolize?

heart in the beast

What does a broken heart with crossbones tattoo symbolize?

obsession with negativity

What does a knife going through the heart tattoo symbolize?

My dads love

What does a locket tattoo symbolize?

A locket tattoo that is in the shape of a heart symbolizes that someone or something is dear to you. It is common for a heart-shaped locket tattoo to have a keyhole inside it and a loop at the top for the chain.

What does a dagger through a heart tattoo symbolize?

Originally the symbol of Erzulie Dantor, a spirit of cruel vengeance and jealousy. In just the opposite sense, the heart pierced with the dagger has been taken as a variation of the Sacred Heart tattoo by some Christians. More often than not the imagery is literal, the heart is the centre of emotion and love that is in pain, damaged or wounded.

Which celebrity has a sacred heart tattoo on there left upper arm?

Jude Law

What is the tattoo symbol for being a Catholic?

My friend has full sleeves dedicated to his catholic faith and they range from latin words to the sacred heart to the rosary. There is no set tattoo symbol although i would say probably the sacred heart.

What does a heart with wings and an angel's aura tattoo symbolize?

God is the heart the wings are Christ this is what uplifts us we are ONE

What does a tattoo of a ace with a heart in the middle symbolize?

Its the sacrad heart of jesus its a kind of catholic or cristian type of thing

What does a tear drop on a heart tattoo symbolize?

A teardrop tattoo usually means that someone died. A heart stands for love. A tear drop in a heart probably means that someone that they love died.

What does a heart tattoo symbolize?

Wing tattoo designs can often have inspirational or spiritual symbolism. In many myths, wings often have to be earned.

What does the heart and crossbones tattoo symbolize?

I'd imagine something along 'love until death'...

What tattoo would symbolize loving you stepson?

Tattoos are permanent, so one must be sure of their design. To symbolize loving a son, one could get a tattoo of a heart, the mother symbols of different cultures, or a tattoo of something that makes a mother think of him.

What does a cross and heart tattoo symbolize?

A heart with a cross in it is often called a "sacred heart." Though I don't fully know the answer for the true meaning in the piece, I do know that it is a common icon in a lot of religious art, mostly Catholic. You will find the heart most often being held in the arms of the Virgin Mary or Jesus.

Who has a sacred heart tattoo?

Lots of people as its a fairly common tattoo, however it is usually connected with a deep personal meaning. If you are thinking of getting a sacred haert tattoo then you shouldn't base this choice on who has one (if your thinking about celebritys) but rather on thinking about getting it for more personal reasons.

What does a skull and heart tattoo symbolize?

Siimply put, that love will continue after death, or that love is stronger than death.

What does Jennifer's heart with wings tattoo symbolize?

a death.... a loved one dieing and traviling to heaven.... your love is an angel

What does a heart tattoo with wings and a small eternal flame symbolize?

I think it means...My heart soars with the thought of you and my love for you will burn forever.

What does a heart and crossbones tattoo symbolize?

Heart and crossbones in the trademark logo for tokidoki, an Italian artist that does Japanese pop art/grafitti style work

What tattoo symbolize's family?

A tattoo which symbolizes family depends on you, its what you see your family as, it has to be something close to your heart :) however, a tree tatt can symbolize family, hope this helped :)

What does an orchid tattoo symbolize?

an orchid is a beautifull, exotic and rare flower that's what it symbolize but it can be what ever you wnat is your tattoo