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Skull TattoosConsiderations, perceptions, beliefs by many are influenced by unknown variables. Determinations should be individual opinions. At times kept in mind without reaction, given time to overlook or simply not judge the ability to understand others choices as expressing themselves answers many questions. The skull could mean any number of things to many different groups, peoples, individuals, and other tatoo symbols, songs, art, body alterations, etc. The art of tatoo has been practiced in history facts have been found to validate the practice. Many forms, symbols, inplantation techniques, have been performed by peoples in all parts of the world. Many ethnic backgrounds, symbolic or cultures practice the marking of the body by means of implantation of ink. Derived by many means of plants, herbs, berrys, and of course modern formulations.

However the question might be best answered by the one whom owns or is considering this particular tatoo. Permanent makeup has now become a beauty enhancement. Personally, the opinions encountered as discussing the concept has been taboo. More often than I would have thought, however there is a demand for the service. When asking why one would consider permanent makeup, I have heard many responces, praises, objections, unthoughtfull judgments verbalized. However, I personally believe there is an interesting concept in permanet makeup. Body art (tattoos)personally my idea is not to encourage one persue obtaining an tatoo, whatever the symbol. However many differ with this I am sure, and may feel the same concerning permanent makeup tatoo application. It is awsome when the procedure is done with professional skill.

"It takes all kinds, this world to make it go round." A elderly dear friend used to make this statement in time that an answer or opinion would seem not to be in a kind positive manner. I have found that it figures into life with much meaning as people vary in ideas, deeds, lifestyles, etc.

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Q: What does a skull tattoo symbolize?
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What does a skull inside a rose tattoo symbolize?

A skull inside of a rose tattoo does not have a specific meaning, it can vary from person to person. It does seem that many people get this tattoo as a symbol of love.

What does a rose and skull tattoo symbolize?

it means love and least to me it does

What does a skull tattoo between index finger and thumb symbolize?

You like men

What does a skull and heart tattoo symbolize?

Siimply put, that love will continue after death, or that love is stronger than death.

What does a tattoo with a skull surrounded by roses symbolize?

The never-ending struggle between naturalistic materialism and totalitarian Calvinism.

What does a sugar skull tattoo symbolize?

As far as I know a 'sugar skull' is a skull made of sugar, chocolate or candy, and decorated in a joyus, almost happy, style for the Mexican day of the dead celebration. So in a tattoo form I would image its a tattoo of a skull decorated in the Mexican day of the dead style.....Hope this helps....TatuBaronI think that this answer is right. I have a friend that has a sugar skull tattoo and she got it to honor her mother's memory. So I guess it's serves the same purpose as the sugar skull, just more permanent.From my understanding the symbolism of a sugar skull is rooted in the decoration around the eyes. Flowers are meant to symbolize life while cob webs symbolize death. Burning candels set inside the eyes are a sign of rememberance. These items can also be used in combination to personalize the main focus of the skull as well.a sugar skull represents the day of the dead, celebrated on the 1st of November...they believe the spirit of a loved one will enter the skull and revisit them for that day of the dead

What does a tattoo of a skull with wings one up and one down with a lightning bolt through the skull symbolize?

A skull with wings could be a deathbat which is the symbol of Avenged Sevenfold the band but on the deathbat the wings are normal and it doesnt have a lightning bolt.

Which tattoos symbolize courage?

A symbol that depicts the sign of courage in a tattoo is a koi fish, a skull and the lion. As with all tattoos the colors have a lot to play in the meaning as well as the direction the tattoo is facing or going.

What are some dangers of getting a skull tattoo?

There are no dangers of getting a skull tattoo specific to the skull. The type of tattoo does not make it dangerous as the picture has no links to known dangers.

What does a skull and snake tatto mean?

it means you got a snake and skull tattoo, what did you think it meant?

Skull tattoo on elbow?

You can have a skull tattoo on your elbow. However, it is important to know what it means. This is constantly translated to mean danger.

Does a upside down skull symbolize life?

Not for the person that skull belongs to ^_^

What does a fishbone tattoo symbolize?

A fish bone tattoo symbolizes high status. The fish bone tattoo was popular among Native American tribes to symbolize their ranking.

What does a black swan tattoo symbolize?

A black swan tattoo can symbolize man different things. It could symbolize that the owner of it is peaceful and graceful. Swans are mainly known to symbolize grace.

What does an orchid tattoo symbolize?

an orchid is a beautifull, exotic and rare flower that's what it symbolize but it can be what ever you wnat is your tattoo

What does a butterfly tattoo on the left shoulder symbolize?

There are an unlimited number of things that a butterfly tattoo on the left shoulder could symbolize. It could symbolize peace for example.

What does a butterfly koi tattoo symbolize?

A butterfly koi tattoo can symbolize a great many things. A butterfly koi can symbolize faith, trust, hope, and love.

What does a purple dragonfly tattoo symbolize?

Purple is a color of royalty. Dragonflies symbolize good luck. A purple dragonfly tattoo is therefore a very good tattoo to have.

What does a knife going through a skull tattoo symbolize?

The knife going through the skull was a very popular tattoo during the 50's and early 60's. The most popular area to place the tattoo in on the inner forearm. There isn't any symbolism behind it other than it looking tough. It was a popular tattoo design of the past and mostly attained by bikers so it could be seen while the rider's arm was stretched out, griping the motorcycle handlebars.

What does a tattoo of a cow skull symbolize?

I have heard it that in Native American culture (not sure of tribe/nation, etc.) it symbolizes a man's ability to provide for his family- like a blessing also.

What does a earth and moon tattoo symbolize?

Moon tattoos often symbolize motion and change. A tattoo of the earth can symbolize many things, however, it best symbolizes life.

What do Tattoo of scales symbolize?

A Scales tattoo could symbolize justice, or the person with the ink could believe in astrology and be a Libra.

What does a kingfisher tattoo symbolize?

It can symbolize a well practiced huntsman.

What does a dagger tattoo symbolize?

A dagger tattoo symbolizes death.

Skull and dagger tattoo?

Skull and dagger tattoos are common to the American Traditional style of tattooing. People get the tattoo because it symbolizes fearlessness and bravery.