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A spaceplane is a vehicle that can fly and glide like an aircraft in Earth's atmosphere and maneuver like a spacecraft in outer space. To do so, spaceplanes must incorporate features of both aircraft and spacecraft.

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Q: What does a space plane do?
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When was Plane Space created?

Plane Space was created in 2002.

How long does it take a plane to get to space?

A regular plane can't get into space - they are not built for that.

What is the difference between a space shuttle and a space plane?

The Space Shuttle refers to NASA's particular space plane, whereas a space plane encompasses all aircraft which takeoff from Earth's surface into space and then land on return.

Four imaginary space relationships in drafting?

The four imaginary space relationships that every drawing has are: Projection plane, Frontal plane, Horizontal plane, & Profile plane.

What is the differences between plane and space figures?

The plane is in two dimensional and the space figure is in three dimensional.

What are the differences between plane forces and space forces?

Plane forces are confined to a plane or are not three dimensional, while space forces are three dimensional..

What has length and width but no height point plane line space?


What plane did Sally Ride ride?

She was in the plane of the challenger when she went to space.

What is space spacecraft?

A rocket plane that astronauts use to travel to space.

Is two-dimensional and infinitely large Space A sphere A solid A plane?

It is a plane.

What is the name for a method of representing points in space?

Coordinate Plane

What are space shuttles?

Space shuttles are plane like vehicles that travel in space, i hope that answered your question

You want examples for dimensions?

the plane, or xy plane, has two dimensions space has 3 dimensions

What is the amount of space occupied by a plane figure?

It is its area.

What is the space inside a plane figure?


Square is to plane as cube is to?

Three-dimensional space

What is the difference between the space shuttles and other space vehicles?

The space shuttle lands like a plane and is reusable.

What are the 3 coordinates in cartesian plane?

You do not have 3 coordinates in the Cartesian plane. The Cartesian plane is a plane and is therefore 2 dimensional. In 2 dimensional space you require only 2 coordinates. 3 coordinates are required to locate a point in 3-dimensional space but then it cannot be a Cartesian PLANE.

How can a rocket move in air free space while a jet plane cannot?

Because the jet plane has not enough power to launch it self to free space.

What holds the airplane in space?

Well the plane is flying through the air not through space. It is the pressure differential on the airfoils that make the plane move through the air.

How the rocket stay in space and aeroplane can't stay in space?

The engine on the plane is not as strong and big as the rocket Also the pressure could destroy the plane into pieces

Is the Wright brothers plane in the Space Museum?

It's in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

Can three points determine space?

Three points can determine a plane but not 3-d space.

What is difference between plane truss and space truss?

In plane truss, both the truss structure and the applied loads lie in the same plane. In space truss, either the structure or the loads or both lie in different planes.

What is the plane in space containing earths orbit called?


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