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What does a star tattoo behind the ear symbolize?


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it symbolizes wat u choose it to getting 6 or 8 little nautical stars behind my ear each with my brothers n sisters n parents favorite color in it....


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Nothing at all,,unless you have your own meaning behind it

it means somebody made a bad life choice

No, it means you have a tattoo behind your right ear. Grow up, man.

tattoo of a spider behind the ear means you killed your father

Tattoos, of whatever location, do not actually require maintenance. The above is not true. You should care for a tattoo behind the ear like you would any other tattoo.

Star tattoos may have several meanings, or may be just for decorative purposes. A star may symbolize goals, astronomy, or birth.

The black star behind the left ear means you are a pornography star. See links below.

It means something to who ever has it

Yes, it is behind her right ear. It is a sixteenth note.

The blue 5 pointed star tattoo on the left ear means that the sailor has sailed around Cape Horn. If the tattoo is on the right ear it means that the sailor has rounded 5 or more times.

A Blue diamond tattoo on the right shoulder means they are a top class bodyguard, but I'm not sure about behind the ear. I'm pretty sure it means nothing unless on the shoulder.

Usually spider webs mean jail time. I've never seen one on the back of the ear, though.

If it's a singular lightning bolt, then it probably means next to nothing. A lot of tattoos behind the ear are completely ornamental. However, if it is two lightning bolts side by side, then it very possibly might be an SS (Schustaffen) Bolt tattoo, and is a highly White Power tattoo.

s a bird tatood behind the right ear a lesbian tatoo

that they saw chris brown do it and thought it was 'cool'

Yes, she has a tattoo of Hebrew letters on her left wrist, a poem about horses on her back, a peace symbol behind her ear, and a horseshoe on her left wrist.

Actually she has more than one tattoo. Sanskrit writing on her side, a treble clef and a 16th note on her right foot, a star inside her left ear, a symbol of friendship behind her right ear, a cluster of stars on the back side of her neck,friends birthday ion by her shoulder, shhh on her finger and a couple others too.

Yes, a dot of a tattoo on the ear of a ferret means that it is fixed

Yea, you can get the entire ear tattooed.

It means only what the person who got it done thinks it means. You'll need to ask them.

no red bump behind my ear. behind my ear it just sore

Nortena Killer, Cop Killer, Snitch Killer, Marijuana, SUR X3

Racing greyhounds have an ID tattoo in their ear.

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