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used to loosen pipes (Plumbing, pvc, etc) the rubber grips on the surface of large diameters, and friction loosens the tube.

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2008-01-22 08:08:37
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Q: What does a strap wrench do?
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Is a Strap Wrench precision instrument?

No, a strap wrench is NOT a precision instrument. It is a loose strap connected to a handle for leverage.

How do you use a strap wrench?

You wrap the strap around whatever you are taking off, then thread it into the wrench so it will tighten as you push.

You should use what kind of wrench on a plated or polished pipe?

A strap wrench Or an inside wrench

Where can one purchase a strap wrench set?

One can purchase a strap wrench set in many different stores. One can go to a local hardware store or order one from the internet. Sites like Amazon,eBay or sears sell wrench sets.

How do you remove an oil filter in a Suzuki king quad 700?

remove the left mud flap and using a strap wrench turn the filter counterclock wise, if strap wrench slips to much ,drive a screwdriver through the darn thing and try to turn it that way.

How do you take off crankshaft pulley on 2 liter diesel year 2001 without the engine turning?

Use a strap wrench or chain wrench on the pulley to hold it secure.

How do you remove a stuck oil filter in 1993 ford E250 van?

Use a strap wrench around the base.

How do you you get the fan off a 1998 Tahoe 350 vortex to change a water pump?

u need a fan clutch tool or a strap wrench to hold the pulley and a wrench take off the nut

What filter wrench is needed to remove the oil filter canister on a 2010 Pontiac Vibe?

I have always used a variable strap wrench for oil filters. This way you can do many with one cheap tool.

Hon ow do you stop the water pump pulley from moving on a 96 Dodge 318 while removing a cluch fan.?

Use a strap wrench on the pulley to hold it still, or a pipe wrench on the shaft.

How do you remove the clutch fan from the water pump of a 1999 suburban when you already took it out?

try using a strap wrench on the pulley and a wrench on the nut there is a special tool for that if you can borrow one from a local auto shop

How do you lock engine on a car with automatic transmission?

Not sure what your doing but you can use a strap wrench around the bottom pulley to hold the crank from turning.

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