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used to loosen pipes (Plumbing, pvc, etc) the rubber grips on the surface of large diameters, and friction loosens the tube.

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Q: What does a strap wrench do?
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Is a Strap Wrench precision instrument?

No, a strap wrench is NOT a precision instrument. It is a loose strap connected to a handle for leverage.

How do you use a strap wrench?

You wrap the strap around whatever you are taking off, then thread it into the wrench so it will tighten as you push.

You should use what kind of wrench on a plated or polished pipe?

A strap wrench Or an inside wrench

How do you remove an oil filter in a Suzuki king quad 700?

remove the left mud flap and using a strap wrench turn the filter counterclock wise, if strap wrench slips to much ,drive a screwdriver through the darn thing and try to turn it that way.

How do you take off crankshaft pulley on 2 liter diesel year 2001 without the engine turning?

Use a strap wrench or chain wrench on the pulley to hold it secure.

How do you remove a stuck oil filter in 1993 ford E250 van?

Use a strap wrench around the base.

How do you you get the fan off a 1998 Tahoe 350 vortex to change a water pump?

u need a fan clutch tool or a strap wrench to hold the pulley and a wrench take off the nut

What filter wrench is needed to remove the oil filter canister on a 2010 Pontiac Vibe?

I have always used a variable strap wrench for oil filters. This way you can do many with one cheap tool.

How do you remove the clutch fan from the water pump of a 1999 suburban when you already took it out?

try using a strap wrench on the pulley and a wrench on the nut there is a special tool for that if you can borrow one from a local auto shop

Hon ow do you stop the water pump pulley from moving on a 96 Dodge 318 while removing a cluch fan.?

Use a strap wrench on the pulley to hold it still, or a pipe wrench on the shaft.

How do you take the fan off a 97 gmc 1500 truck water pump?

I'm assuming the problem is getting the fan clutch off as the fan is attached to the fan clutch. Heres how I got mine off: You need a strap wrench a large hammer and a large crescent wrench and two people. One to hold the water pump pulley still with the strap wrench and one to turn the large fan clutch nut with the crescent wrench. You may need to smash the crescent wrench with the hammer to break it lose. Some kind of rust loosener stuff helps too.

How do you lock engine on a car with automatic transmission?

Not sure what your doing but you can use a strap wrench around the bottom pulley to hold the crank from turning.

How do use a strap wrench?

You wrap it around an oil filter or something then hold the strap as you pull the lever back. If it doesn't seem to work at first, just flip it over and try the other way. It's a little tricky at first.

What wrench size do you need to change the oil on a 94 acura integra?

Just use a crescent for the pan & the oil filter wrench is adjustable if to tight to spin by hand. A belt or other strap will work too to break it loose.

How do you stop housing from turning when changing fan clutch on 97 ford ranger xlt?

Use a strap wrench or similar device to keep it from turning.

Is there a special filter wrench?

Yes, two types at least. One has a canvas strap that tightens as you turn it and the other is like large jawed pliers.

What size wrench is used for a oil change 2004 ford ranger?

Use a strap wrench, easier and quicker, and you can use it on any vehicle without having to ask -"what size - - - " The engine oil drain plug size should be 13mm.

How do you replace harmonic balancer in a 2005 Saturn Vue?

I replaced one on a 2004 VUE.Remove the passenger side front tire and access panel of wheel well. I put large solid pieces of wood , like railroad ties, under frame. If the vehicle falls it will kill you.If you do not have a tool to hold the balancer while removing the bolt you can improvise.Make a strap wrench. I used the nylon straps electricians use to pull wires through commercial buildings. The strap can be wound around the balance in the opposite direction that you turn the bolt. The strap will overlap itself, keep it tight. Thread the strap through an opening in the frame and tie it securely to a metal rod. Keep the tension on the strap and use a wrench to turn the balancer until the rod is up against the frame. The strap will produce enough friction with the rubber on the balance and hold it while you use a break bar to remove the bolt on the end of the balancer.Once the bolt is off you will be able to slide the balancer off the crankshaft with little effort. Next slide new one on the crankshaft "you will see the key that guides it on". Put the bolt on finger tight.Now reverse your strap wrench. One problem the new balancer has the grooved metal pulley and the strap will not grab the metal. Fix- Take a rubber inner tube from a bicycle tire. Cut it into a flat band to wrap around the pulley. Now you can wrap the strap over the tube. The tube grabs the metal and the strap grabs the rubber.You will need a torque wrench which you can borrow from an Auto-zone or some other parts store. Make sure the dealer ship tells you how many pounds of foot torque are need and get the wrench set properly. Use the wrench to tighten the bolt without stripping the threads out. The wrench will click and you will know you have used enough pressure. I used my legs with my foot on the wrench to get the proper amount of pressure.This not an easy task but you can save a little money. Please put good solid blocks under the car in enough places so that it cannot fall!!!!!!!! If it does fall it will crush you. Stands are not enough

How do you get the centrifugal clutch nut off your 2007 Honda 250 recon?

15\16 socket and a impact wrench and a ratchet strap. It has left handsed threads.

How do you remove the fan from the water pump on a 2000 S-10?

With the serpentine belt removed you can hold the pulley with a strap wrench and then slip a open end wrench over the large nut behind the fan clutch and turn it counterclockwise to remove.

What tool do you use to remove fuel filter from 1996 Chevy blazer?

A filter wrench. The kind which uses a strap and attaches to a ratchet would probably suit you best.

How do you remove gear knob on ford ba falcon?

Using a LARGE screwdriver & a strap, loop the strap (like a half hitch) over the gear knob so that when you pull on the strap in an anticlockwise direction it will tighten back on itself. Wrap the remaining length of the strap anticlockwise around the gear knob until it is firm. Using the screwdriver, put the tip of it through the looped end of the strap and begin to tighten it in the anticlockwise direction. The strap should tighten itself to the point that it will grip the gear knob enough to turn it. This is similar technique to undoing an oil filter with an oil filter strap or filter wrench, and these tools will also do the job as effectively.

Where do you get the filter housing wrench and how much for it?

Filter housing wrenches are available in auto parts supply stores. The two best types are both variable size- to easily fit a few different filters. One has metal strap, one rubber strap, but same principle. I find the rubber strap more versatile. Both less than $8 usually.

How do you remove the oil filter on a 1995 grand marquis?

Unscrew it....? If it's over-tightened, might haffta get a strap wrench, or go to an oil change place, and let them mess with it.

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