What does a tampon look like in you does it hurt to put one in what does it look like are they safer than pads or should you use both can a tampon make the blood drip or does it stop it completely?

Okay, I deleted that answer about dicks, whoever wrote that is immature and stupid. This is a serious question and I understand why you want to know. I recently started using tampons myself and I've come to a few conclusions to your answers. So, I'm not sure what it looks like inside of you, but if you leave it in long enough, it'll expand to the size of your vagina, or that's what i think. Try not to push the tampon in to much otherwise it will make you feel quite sick! When you first put it in, it might be a little uncomfortable...depending on the opening. What I did was put Vaseline on a Q-tip and put it in, so you know where it'll go, or instead of a Q-tip your finger...if you don't mind the blood. Then, put Vaseline on the tampon (i suggest a plastic covering, it's easier) and push it in, there should be directions in the box or whatever. You should only use tampons if you want to swim or you do sports. Pads are actually the safest way because if you forget about the tampon, it could cause toxic shock syndrome and you could potentially die. If you bleed a lot the blood might actually go to the string outside, but it shouldn't. If you have questions you should really ask your doctor because she/he really can help, especially if it's a woman who knows what to do. I love wearing tampons so i hope you do too, good luck, i hope it helped!