What does a vampire bat live off of?


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Vampire bats live off of the blood of other animals.

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A vampire bat Lives In A Dark Cave.

a vampire bat lives in a cave a vampire bat lives in a cave

We will become vampire or no way to live

live animals it sucks there blood hence the name vampire bat

A vampire bat is a predator, as nothing feeds on it and the bat sucks blood off of other living organisms.

The vampire bat feeds off the blood of mammels, sometimes this means the blood of humans.

Vampires are undead, so they can live forever without ever living or dying... Also, your question says "an vampire bat" when it should say "a vampire bat." You are welcome... xD

Vampire Bats live in South and Central America.

Vampire bats live longer than any other type of bat. It's about 20 years.

The greater false vampire bat is found in Asia. The lesser false vampire bat has a wider range and is found from the Philippines to India and Sri Lanka.

nothing can ward off a vampire bat its impossible.

none. Vampire bats live in South America

Like any other bat, the vampire bat's job is to control insect populations and live in caves

There is no such thing as a vampire, so vampire bat.

mostly in caves and dark places

In the wild they live about nine years

The 4 types of vampire bats are the1.white-winged vampire bat.2. common vampire bat3.hairy-legged vampire bat4.The endangered Indiana vampire bat

The fruit bat, brown bat, and vampire bat (yes it's real) !!

three. the vampire bat, white winged vampire bat, and the harry legged vampire bat

The false vampire bat is the biggest bat in world.

They live in caves on the continents of Europe and North America.

No the vampire bat is not an endangered species.

A vampire bat is a vertebrate.

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