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Actif in French means active in English.

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What is the feminine word for active in French?

'active' is the feminine form of the adjective. Ex: une femme active (an active woman). The masculine form is 'actif' : un garçon actif (an active boy)

How do you say you must be active in french?

tu dois être actif / active, vous devez être actif(s) / active(s)

How do you say active in french for a girl?

'active' une fille active (an active girl) the masculine is 'actif': un garçon actif (an active boy)

What does fluid mean in french?

English to French: Fluide French to English: Fluid

What does mad mean in french?

Translated from English to french, mad (English) is folle in French.

What do the french words zoo and zodiac mean in English?

Zoo is spelt the same in French and English, zodiac in English is zodiaque in French. They mean, in order, zoo and zodiac

What does seulement in French mean in English?

Seulement in French means only in English.

What does rose in french mean in English?

rose in French means pink in English...

What does timbre mean in english?

French to English Timbre mean Stamp

What does vertige mean in English?

French - English: Dizziness

What does the french slang tiz mean in English?

The English word "tiz" is "c'est" in French.

What does phrase in french mean in English?

'La phrase', in French, means 'sentence' in English

What is the French explorers mean?

There is no such word in French. If you mean "explorer", it is French for "to explore". If you mean the English noun "explorers", the French translation is "explorateurs".

What does lamb mean in french?

the same as in english BUT if you meant how to WRITE it in french (not mean) well in french its 'agneau'

What does hollister mean in french?

It is the same in both French and English.

What does windmill mean in french?

It means the same in French as it does in English

What does meiple mean in french?

There is no such French word ------------------------------------- Nor in English.

What does barge mean in french?

Barge (English) -> Péniche (French)

What does to have mean in French?

The French equivalent of the English phrase, to have, is: avoir.

What does Que mean french?

que in french means that in english

What does french word touche mean in English?

The word Touche in french means:KeyIn English

What does noisette the French word mean in English?

The French word "noisette" means "hazelnut" in English.

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