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The sum of all payments including principle and interest.

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Q: What does aggregate lease payments mean?
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Are executory costs included in aggregate lease payments?

No we will not incurred executorycosts in aggregate lease paymentsMinimum Lease payments : Minimum rental payments + guaranteedresidual value + penaltyfor not renewing or extending lease + bargainpurchase optionMinimum rental payments: Regular payment to lessor, exc'lexecutorycosts (,maintenance, tax).

Can a coporation deduct a lease payment?

Yes, corporations can deduct lease payments. Property lease payments and vehicle lease payments are deductible in the year paid or accrued.

Will My Payments Increase In Between The Term Of The Lease?

No. Your payments are locked in for the complete term of the lease. However, in case the tax rates increase, then on that way it will affect your payments.

You are trying to get out of your lease Under the amendments to the lease section says This lease will not be in effect until all pymts are made you have not made all the payments Is your lease valid?

What payments are you referring to? It sounds as if the clause refers to the preliminary payments that are often secured PRIOR to allowing the tenant to move in and the lease actually going into effect (i.e.: security deposit - pet deposit - utility deposits - etc). If you've been living there and the payments you are referring to are your rental payments - too late - the lease is already in full effect.

What exactly does rent for lease mean?

When a tenant signs a lease for a rental property it is for a finite term such as 6 months or a year. Under this lease agreement the tenant agrees to pay the property owner monthly rental payments as agreed to.

Which of the following statements best explains the effects of transfer payments and taxes on aggregate spending?

Transfer payments and taxes affect aggregate spending indirectly by first changing disposable income and thereby changing consumption.

Will The Lease Payments Be Fixed Or Variable?

Sure, all the payments are invariable and they will not change. There will be no surprises with a higher payment later.

What is tax advantage of Capital lease?

A capital lease allows the lessor to take advantage of the accelerated depreciation methods, and/or the bonus first-year expensing method (e.g. section 179 deduction) for the leased asset. The lessor also gets to deduct the interest portion of the lease payments, which is greatest at the beginning of the lease. Theoretically, the aggregate deductions over the life of the lease should be equal. Thus, the lessor gets the benefit of accelerated deductibility, and therefore the desirable time value of money.

When can you evict a tenant?

You can evict a tenant when the tenant breaks the lease or rental contract by not paying rent or lease payments. You can also evict a tenant who breaks a lease by breaking rules listed on the lease.

What does mean aggregate?

An aggregate (noun) is the sum or whole amount. To aggregate (verb) is to collect or amount together.

Can someone lease a car and someone else make the payments?

Yes, all the bank cares about is that someone is making the payments.

What information is required on a lease agreement form?

Some things that are needed on a lease agreement form would be the amount due at signing, monthly payments, some other charges, total of your payments as well.

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