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1985-1992 are located in the trunk on drivers side behind the spare tire 1985 - 1992 air suspension computer 6'' x 4'' and is located in the trunk on the drivers side behind the spare tire

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Q: What does air suspension computer look like?
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What if air suspension pump comes on but suspension never rises?

sounds like your solenoids are leaking, usually in your air bag (suspension). or a hose.

Does a 1998 Expedition have air shocks?

It could have the standard duty suspension or the auto adjustable suspension ( air suspension ) - look for the air suspension shut off switch behind the access panel underneath the passenger side of the instrument panel

What is an air suspension?

An air suspension is a form of vehicle suspension in which compressed air is used as a spring.

How can you get air in the air suspension when the Lincoln Mark VIII won't turn on and The computer migh be bad?

No way that I know of

Dust in air a solution or a suspension?

It is a suspension.

Do 2001 Grand Marquis Ls Have Air Suspension?

Best to look under the back of the car to see if it has air springs.

Is air a colloid suspension or mechanical mixture?

air is somtimes a suspension due to fog and polution air is somtimes a suspension due to fog and polution

Where is the air suspension switch on a 2001 lincoln navigator?

The air suspension shut off switch is in the front passenger footwell ( like the fuel pump shut off switch is )

How do you know if your expedition has air suspension mine is 1998 xlt thank you?

Look underneath at the rear wheels. If you see big springs holding the truck up, it's not air suspension. If instead you see two big rubber bags (air bladders) then it is so equipped. You can also open the hood and look down into the front corner on the passenger's side. If you have air suspension, the pump assembly is mounted there.

How do you find after market suspenson to replace air ride in lincolin Mark VIII?

Look up American Air Suspension on the internet

Is air a suspension mixtures?

A suspension is a mixture of liquids with particles of a solid which may not dissolve in the liquid. Therefore, air would be a suspension.

Is air a suspension or solution?

air is a solution

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