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Average IQ range is 90 to you are a little above average...The average college graduate has an IQ of 115...Hope this helps...

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Q: What does an IQ of 118 indicate?
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Is 118 a Regular IQ score for a ten year old?

IQ score doesn't depend on age, your IQ is 118 it doesn't matter if your 10,11,12,13,14,15 etc. IQ of 118 is slightly above average, about 3 to 8 point above normal Hope I helped, Y.a.r.o.

Is an IQ of 118 average for a 16-year-old male?

An IQ of 118 is slightly above average, no matter what your age. An average IQ is around 100.

What is Demi Lovato's IQ?

if I were to assume I would probably have to guess that her IQ somewhere around 110 to 118, sheโ€™s definitely very intelligent but not a genius.

What was John F. Kennedy's IQ?


IQ 118 at age 16?

Having an IQ score of 118 at the age of 16 means you fall in the high average classification. It is 1 step above average.

What is an IQ of 136?

The IQ of 136 is very very good. That means you're almost a genius. If that's who you are, be PROUD. My IQ is 118.

I have an IQ of 118 is that good for a sixteen year old?

The average IQ for a college graduate is 115. The average IQ worldwide is 100. You are considered in the "above average" category of IQ scores.

Is an IQ score of 124 good for a 10 year old boy?

yes because the IQ of a 18yr old boys IQ i s 118 or 108

What does an IQ of 68 indicate?

55-70 IQ is actually called Mental Retardtion. i lookedd it up.

What do IQ numbers mean?

They show how clever you are. More specifically, IQ numbers indicate your capacity for learning.

What does an IQ score of 50 mean?

An IQ score of 50 would indicate Mild or Moderate Retardation

What is the IQ average of a 14 year old girl?

Around 118 - 124

What does a IQ score of 70 definitely indicate?

Type your answer here... an adult has an IQ score between 90 and 115

Is an IQ of 118 good for a 13 year old male?

it is excellent and above average

Is an IQ of 118 good for a sixth grader?

Well, I looked it up and it said that it is very good. Trust me, I know. I'm a sixth grader myself and I did an IQ test and I got the score 118. When I read the information that I looked up, it said that whoever got 118 as a score means that you understand things well and that you have good reading skills. Congrats!

What does an IQ of 134 indicate?

You have above average intelligence. 100 is considered average.

What does an IQ of 147 indicate?

The average IQ score for the population is 100, so a score of 147 is well above average. An IQ test must be administered by a professional in a controlled environment to have validity.

What does an IQ of 155 indicate?

Any IQ score over 140 indicates that you are almost genius or a genius. A score of 155 would be very impressive.

What IQ level does a 136 on the lorge-thorndike indicate?

Superior but below genius

Can someone with an 89 IQ get into college?

YES! They average IQ is actually only 100. IQ also typically measures one's ability to take standardized tests and does not necessarily accurately indicate the intelligence of an individual.

What is the difference between aptitude and IQ?

Aptitude is the innate ability to do a given task. IQ may indicate the likliness (or unlikliness) of the ability to understand how to learn how to do that task.

Is the IQ of 118 good for a 13 year old?

IQs are fixed stats which do not fluctuate by any great means during a person's life. Being 13 or 50 has no bearing on the perceived quality of your IQ score. 118 is generally recognized as being high - not genius level, but definitely above average.

I got an IQ of 123 in a IQ test.My age is 24.What does it indicate?

Above average 'intelligence' the average is 100, and the next category up is above average.

Is a 118 IQ good for a 8 year old boy?

It means you're above the average joe. Well done!

What is IQ of 122 for a 67 year old male?

That would seem to indicate that the IQ is above average, since the average is assumed to be about a 100, because of the way "IQ" is defined. With an IQ of 122 you can be pleased. It's not exceptional, genius or MENSA material, but it is considered moderately gifted.