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What does an alternator look like?

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Here is a picture of a typical alternator:

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What does a truck alternator look like?

same as any other

What does an Alternator look like for a 1988 Ford Pick Up look like?

Like a silver No. 10 juice can with a pulley on the front

What does the alternator belt on a 1998 ford contour look like?

Well, its black and wraps itself around the smallest pulley on the alternator.

How do you find voltage regulator on 94 dodge 1500 pickup look like?

The voltage regulator is on the alternator. It is on the rear, within the alternator case.

What does alternator light look like on Chrysler 300?

It looks like a little red car battery.

What does the belt tensioner look like on a Toyota Sienna?

The alternator acts as the belt tensioner.

What does a voltage regulater look like on a 1989 Jeep Comanche?

it is likely inside the alternator

What does a 1998 Chevy Camaro alternator bracket look like?

chevy iroc-z28 camaro

99 Toyota corolla wont start but clicks?

Check your alternator and if that isn't it (but sounds like it) take a look at your starter.

What does alternator belt look like on pulleys?

The way the alternator belt raps around pulleys in the automobile differs by vehicle and engine. An alternator belt in an older vehicle usually just went around the fan blade, the water pump, and the alternator. Today's vehicles are more complicated and might require more pulleys.

Is the alternator on a 97 located in the back on the bottom of the motor?

Look at accessory drive belt alternator is driven by this belt

Where can I find a good high output alternator at online to purchase?

eBay is a brilliant website to look at for an Alternator for your car. If not, is another good website to look at.

What does a 1986 dodge lancer alternator look like?

Like a typical alternator and is located on the left front of the engine block (as you are standing in front of the car). You will see a serpentine belt driving the pulley. If the car has air conditioning, it is below the a/c unit, same side.

Where is the alternator on 1998 Pontiac Bonneville?

under the hood. its the thing that looks like an alternator.

How do you change alternator on 1997 olds silloutte?

Look up alternator change chevy venture van and do the same things

Santa fe alternator?

You can look for one of these online. Many sites, such as eBay, or even automotive parts stores will have this alternator for you.

Where is the alternator located in a 1993 Eagle Talon?

Raise the hood and look for the drive belt. The drive belt powers the alternator.

Where is the alternator located on a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am?

hey!look at the engine.the alternator is located on the passenger side of the should see the copper wires through the holes of the alternator.

What does an alternator light look like?

Not 100% sure for Jaguar, but most vehicles use a symbol that looks like your car battery, or the abbreviation "ALT" with red or amber backlighting.

How can you adjust the tension on the alternator belt of a 1991 dodge spirit?

Look at the face of the alternator. Below it is a round thing that looks like a dial. Loosen that nut - 15mm...To the right of the alternator - or if you are standing in front of the car -- in front of the alternator, below it -- is a nut on a threaded rod -- 1/2" socket AND a universal adapter because of the extreme angle of this nut.... This is what pushes the alternator up or down.CCW allows pushing the alternator down ( loosen the belt ) -- andCW brings the alternator back up ( tighten belt )StanFarmington CT

You own a 89 Volvo 740 GL and you like to know where your alternator is located?

Open the hood and look after the fan belt ! Follow the belt and you will find it .

Replace alternator on 1995 Nissan pickup?

go to and enter your 94 Nissan info,engine size ,2wd or 4wd,then look up alternator,then to the right of screen look up repair guide,it will tell you what you need to know to replace your alternator,good luck.

How do you know if your 91 Lincoln continental alternator has internal regulator?

Look on the rear of the 91 Lincoln alternator. If there is an a external regulator then you will see it mounted there.

Where is the alternator located on a 1996 Oldsmobile Cierra?

Look at the top and left of the motor. It's easy to get to. The tension pulley is right below the alternator.

What are connections for alternator 1986 jaguar xj6?

look forums.motorcars-ltd - search for alternator by bassman i posted a picture of how it is wired. good luck

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