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An alternator produces direct current that is used to charge up the battery while the car is running.

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What kind of voltage does alternator produce?


Why connect capacitor to alternator?

To help produce voltage.

Why does your car fail to produce 12 volt constant?

Your car should produce about 14.4 volts from the alternator when the engine is running. If it does not produce anything over 12 volts, your alternator is not charging and you need to get it repaired or replaced.

How much volt alternator should produce?


How much voltage does an alternator produce?

13.5 to 15.5 volts.

How many volts does an alternator produce?

13.5-16 volts DC

Can a car's alternator charge the battery while the car is not running?

No. The alternator has to be turning to produce the charging voltage. It only turns when the engine is running.

What does an automobile alternator do?

alternator can produce the current to supply in the vehicle our vehicle needs D.C current but the alternator can produce A.C current the A.C currrent can convert into D. current by diodes ADVANTAGES OF ALTERNATOR: it is light weight it is compaq in olden days generator are used but it is a heavy weight and it can occupy more space so alternators re used

Does an alternator produce a c voltage?

Yes, and internal diodes convert it into dc.

What three things are required to produce EMF in an alternator?

armature, stator, rotor

What are some ways to produce an electrical current?

Dynamo, alternator, solar panel.

What cause alternator not to produce power to start engine?

The alternator produces power to charge the battery. The battery powers the starter to turn the engine over.

Why does the engine shake when the elecrical cored from the alternator is plugged in?

You put a "load"on the engine; the alternator is energized, getting power from the engine in order to produce electricity.

Working principle of 3 phase alternator?

A three-phase alternator has three sets of windings that produce three currents. The three currents make up the three phases. Together these produce the total AC output of the stator. An alternator is made up of a stator and a magnet rotor which is also known as the flywheel.

What is the voltage of a car alternator and is it ac or DC?

It should produce 14.5v +/- and it's DC.

Working principle of alternator?

The working principle of an alternator is like that of a small turbine. The alternator spins and a series of copper wires and graphite brushes inside the alternator produce electricity. That electricity is then transferred to the battery to keep it charged enough to run all of the electric parts on the vehicle.

How many volts does a 12 volt 100 amp alternator produce?

This will still only produce 12 volts. It will produce 1200 watts. watts is the result of Volts times Amps.

How much voltage will an alternator have to have before it will give 13 volts or more?

I'm not sure I understand your question. An alternator will have to produce 13 volts to charge a battery at 13 volts. Most alternators are able to produce 14+ volts but the range is 13.5 to about 15.5 volts.

How car battery produces the power?

A battery does not produce power, it just stores power. The alternator produces the DC voltage the battery stores. As the power is taken from the battery it is replenished by the alternator.

Can a 9v dc motor produce 9v when it is used as an alternator?

A: No problem but don't expect the power to increase

How much voltage does an Isuzu trooper Alternator produce?

Alternators should produce around 14 volts. I say around because this can vary with temperature, engine speed and the age of the alternator. If you think yours is kicking out too much it's probably the voltage regulator. If you think its not enough it could be the brushes. The easiest thing to do is to pull it and take it to a parts store; most of them will test your alternator for free.

What will happen if one diode in rectifier is open?

You will get reduced amperage (or output) from the alternator. A alternator rated at 80 amps would probably only produce 50-60 amps. If a diode in a rectifier is shorted, then the alternator output would be greatly reduced or possibly no output at all.

Remove positive battery terminal and car dies?

Yes it does. The alternator will only produce voltage if it has a battery supply. The battery power is used to create a magnetic field in the alternator. Spinning the magnetic field induces an electric field in the stator windings. Then the alternator can produce power to recharge the battery and maintain the electrical supply to the engine and ancilliary circuits.Take away the battery, no electrics, engine dies. Plus, it can also cause an electrical spike that could damage the computer.

How do you know when you have a bad alternator?

it will not produce voltage or high enough voltage when running should be around 14 volts running

Is a car ac or dc current?

Modern vehicles use an an alternator, which is the term used to describe an a.c. generator. The output from the alternator is then rectified to produce the d.c. necessary to charge the vehicle's battery and run its electrical equipment.

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