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it means the car is ready for a service/ My vectra displays a oil can and spanner when a service is due, if you cannot afford a survive do the following:

place keys in ignition but don't turn on, press the button that zeros the miles on the dash and hold it in, place foot on brake and also hold it down, turn ignition on but do not start engine, count to five and release button and pedal, turn ignition off then on again and the service light should havd gone out.

When i get a spanner and car come up it says there is an electrical fault.

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Q: What does an amber light showing a car with a spanner next to it on the dash of a 1999 Vectra mean?
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Why Vauxhall combo amber light on showing car with spanner in it?

The Amber light with a Spanner in it is a Service light. Telling you that the vehicle is in need of a service (Replacing the Oil, Oill Filter, Air Filter etc.) Your Vauxhall Dealer can take the amber light off using Tech 2.

Why does my o2 vectra Anti skid light comes on and engine management light and misfires?

i have three dashboard lights on in my vauxhall vectra showing a engine light a spanner and a skid light its also driving slow

Carsign with a spanner in the middle on your vauxhall vectra?

its a mechanical warning light get it checked by a garage

Vauxhall vectra engine symbol with spanner through it light and loss of power why?

its the engine management light or the service light

Warning light showing oil can and spanner what does this mean?

The oil can usually means needs oil and the spanner means time for a service

What is the spanner with 1000 through it on Vectra?

Its just a reminder that the car is due a service. The light comes on after every 10, 15k.

What is the transit spanner light?

The spanner light is a service light

You have an amber light come on your dashboard of your 51 vectra it is a circle with brackets round it what does it mean?

I have a 52 vectra and on mine it means that brake pads are low. There is a sensor on front nearside.

What does dashboard lights mean on Ford Mondeo?

I have an amber snowflake light showing what does that mean?

Vectra warning light?

The Vectra warning light is called the engine management warning light. It tells you that you need to get your Vectra checked by a mechanic.

Your car wont start and a spanner is showing?

The service engine light (spanner) is indicating that the computer has detected a "fault". Use an engine diagnostic scanner to find out what the computer has detected. My guess is, if you repair whatever the computer has detected, the problem will go away.

What is a spanner light?

uh dictionary

2003 vauxhall vectra spanner light on the dashboard?

take the air intake pipe off the top of throttle housing clean inside of chamber with choke and carb cleaner put the air intake pipe back on and start car light shuold go out.

What does the spanner light mean on 206?

spanner has a number next to it of how long until you require a service spanner has a number next to it of how long until you require a service

What does the engine warning light on the dashboard of a Vauxhall Vectra mean?

look on the vectra forums

Why is the light with a car and a spanner on?

It is a fault code on the ECU. It is not a service light.

What is an amber light?

An amber light is an amber-coloured traffic light, found in the UK, indicating that vehicles should stop unless it's unsafe to do so. The equivalent in the United States is the yellow light.

How do you turn off the service light on a 2002 transit van?

If you mean the orange light showing oil can and spanner hold both foot brake and throttle, turn on ignition and hold for 30 seconds. The light will flash, turn off ignition job done.

What does a red or amber traffic light mean?

A red light - steady or flashing - means STOP. A steady amber light means Caution - signal about to change. A flashing amber light means SLOW DOWN.

What does the car with a spanner light mean on a Vauxhall Astra?

could be that your car is due for service ,and the spanner light is a service warning, normally the light would have to be turned of by either a garage or some one who no,s what they are doing

Vectra engine management light reset?

disconnect battery for 15 mins...if it come back on there is a reason for the light being on...if so google vectra management light paperclip...hope this helps

Ford transit van dashboard light has come on with a spanner What does this mean?

its your service light

Warning spanner light stops on?

It's due a service

How do you remove the car and spanner light on your vauxhall?

simple get it serviced

What does the service light look like on a Vauxhall Corsa?

A spanner

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